Yes, you read that correctly. You can now search our wiki documentation using Google search. On the sidebar of the wiki there is now a link to Google Search the Documentation. This link is located under the normal search box.

Both searches are blazing fast. However, the standard search will be more current while the Google search is more advanced. The Google search will, or course, return Google-style results. This means that instead of seeing just a list of links, you will see the number of results returned, the title of articles as well as a snippet of text from the article. Some results will also display an image from the article.

Why will the standard search be more current than the Google search? It is all about robots. Google-bots crawl through the web building an index of words on a page in order to know what to return as a result. How often do Google’s robots update their index? This is based on the popularity of the site. Therefore, Google will index some very popular sites hourly and others might take a couple of weeks. We figure that a Google-bot updates the index on our site about once every couple of weeks. If we update the BVCMS wiki today by adding a new article, it will not display in a Google search until after Google has indexed it. So, if you don’t find what you are looking for with the Google search, try again using the standard search.

Remember, we blog about our new features on the BVCMS News blog, with links to any corresponding wiki articles. So, you will be alerted to new articles if you check out the blog each day. Articles that are less than 7 days old are highlighted with a green asterisk.

PS If you are a geek-wannabe, you may want to read Google’s explanation about how Google search works. Check out the video. Of course, if you are already a geek, you probably know this.

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