We have published three videos highlighting some of the changes that you will experience in the new UI. We plan to publish more today and even more over the next few weeks. These will all be uploaded to our BVCMS YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/bvcmscom.  

Those available today are as follows:

Edit Address New UI – Addresses are edited differently in the new UI, and this video show you exactly how to edit an existing family address, how to add a personal address and how to change which one is the primary address.

SearchAdd New UI – There are some new features added even though the basic process is the same as on the old UI. Also, there are some changes – such as, where you start when you want to add a new family member. This short video shows you all of that.

Involvement New UI – This video walks you through the enhancements on the Involvement tab for a person.

We are going to keep these videos about the new UI as short as possible. Most will run just 2 – 6 minutes. However, there are a few topics such as Extra Values and Search Builder for which our upcoming videos will be a little longer in order to cover all we want to show you. We hope you are enjoying the new UI and that you find these videos helpful.

 A personal word-

Thank you for the positive comments you have made to us about the new user interface! We also appreciate your prompt notifications when you have found something that did not work (this is a beta version!). We are so pleased that you are liking what you see. We really are pouring our hearts into this project and that encouragement means a great deal to us. While the new UI has both cosmetic as well as functional changes, everything is designed to help you focus on your ministry. We are, after all, Ministry Focused Software – built by the church for the church.

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