It is here – the promised video about Extra Values! This has been uploaded to our BVCMS YouTube channel along with the other videos we posted about the new UI. Click HERE to view it.

There has been a huge change from the old UI to the new UI, especially in how you create Standard Extra Values, so you will want to take a look at this video to see what has been changed.

Every church’s System Admin for BVCMS will need to convert the Standard Extra Values on your database, but it is SO easy. It really is just one click for each extra value that you want to convert. Remember, all of your previous extra values still exist in your database. The video shows you where they are and how to convert them in the new UI. The video also shows you how to create new Standard Extra Values. You will not believe how easy it is now!

A few points to remember:

  • The checkboxes from the old Growth tab are now Standard Extra Values and can be edited by each church.
  • These information card checkboxes are located under Profile>Entry on the people records and have a prefix of IC, for Information Card.
  • Any user with Edit role can edit the extra values on a person’s record, unless the extra value is protected by a specific role.
  • Only System Admins can actually create new extra values.
  • Only System Admins can convert the old extra values to Standard Extra Values in the new UI.

David has written a help article that gives more detail about the technical aspects relating to extra values. Click HERE to read it.

We also have a regular help article about Extra Values – People. Click HERE to read it.

Click HERE for our YouTube channel.

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