September 26, 2014 contributions by

More About Electronic Only Statements

We have added a help article to explain more about how your church can use the new Electronic Only feature for Contribution Statements. Read more..
September 21, 2014 new features by

New Contribution Statement Option

We have added a new option for contribution statements – Electronic Only. This can be checked for donors who prefer to log on and generate their own ...
September 15, 2014 Online Registration by

Registration Title or Organization Name? You Decide!

For online registrations, you can now create a separate Registration Title that will display at the top of the page on the registration form in ...
September 11, 2014 new features by

New RegretsLink

We just created a RegretsLink to go hand-in-hand with the RSVPLink. As its name implies, the RegretsLink records a person’s regret that they will not be able to attend a specific ...