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Small Groups – Rebranded as Sub-Groups

You will not see this change yet; however, within TouchPoint, we have just renamed Small Groups. They are now called Sub-Groups. These are the groups that you can create inside an Organization. I refer to them as a wheel in a wheel.

Why am I telling you this if you won’t see it yet? Because we have some other major changes coming very shortly that relate to Organizations; and I want to begin giving you a heads-up about some of them. It’s like whetting your appetite – an appetizer before the main course. You will love the changes! But no more about those yet. This post is about groups.

We struggled with what to call these at the inception of this software a number of years ago. The primary use case was for smaller Care Groups inside large Sunday School Classes. We later realized that there were a lot of other uses for these, including groups created during an online registration. The name Small Groups just seemed the best option at the time.

However, since then many churches have begun referring to their organizations for Bible study as small groups. Then we added the Small Group Finder, which was to help people find an organization, not a group inside a group. Oh, the confusion! We knew the time would come to change the name, and that time has come…or will come when we publish the new organization features.

Stay tuned as I will be bringing more little appetizers to get you prepared for and, I hope, excited about, the changes to come.

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