2015-12-10_17-10-56Texting is a super-quick way to send a brief message. We all know that. With the Twilio integration in TouchPoint, you can easily send a text from your computer to an entire organization, a group of people from a search results, or to a tag. Anywhere you see the Blue Toolbar, you can send a text. You probably already knew that, too.

But….did you know that you can add the question “SMS Opt-In” to any online registration? The question the registrant sees is “Opt-in to receive text messages (SMS)?”.  By selecting the “yes” radio button, the Opt-In flag on their record will automatically get set! That’s right, it’s that simple . You probably didn’t know that!

There are a couple of things to note however:

  1. To set the opt-in flag during an online registration, the registrant must either log in to register or they must use a RegisterLink. We recommend sending a RegisterLink or RegisterLink2 when you add SMS Opt-In to your registration.
  2. In order to receive a text, the person of course must have a cell phone number on their record.

Read more about Questions for Online Registrations.

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