2016-10-25_16-34-36When we realize that more than one user makes the same error when doing something, we try to make that process more bullet proof if possible.

Case in point: Codes for Reusable Coupons

In TouchPoint you can create a Coupon for someone to use one time. It cannot be used again and, if it is not used, it will expire. You can also create a Coupon that can be used multiple times by anyone and will never expire.

The difference between a one-use Coupon code and a reusable Coupon code is twofold:

Number of characters:  A one-use Coupon code will have exactly 12 characters and a reusable Coupon code cannot have exactly 12 characters.

Creating the code:  The system generates the normal one-use code, whereas the user creates the multi-use code.

And there’s the rub! Users sometimes use the wrong number of characters for the code which will cause a Coupon to be a one-use Coupon when they intended it to be a multi-use Coupon.

How did we bullet proof that process? Now you can enter no more than 11 characters for a reusable Coupon code. You can keep typing, but only 11 characters will ever display as the code! So, we are now preventing you from inadvertently creating a code with 12 characters, which would make it a one-use Coupon.

Not sure what this is all about? Never used Coupons before? Check it out! We have 2 user roles related to Coupons. Coupon role lets you create normal Coupons; Coupon2 role lets you create reusable Coupons.

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