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TouchPoint Emails – Where are they?

2017-02-03_08-58-36Spam! It isn’t just for dinner. It might just be the answer to these questions.

“Why am I no longer receiving emails from the church?” “Why am I receiving email notifications that an email was not deliverable?”

It could be that the recipient filed a Spam Report (most of the time without even realizing he’s done so). You will want to keep reading to find out more about this if  you are not familiar with how to handle these situations.

What Is a Spam Report?

This happens when a person reports you as a spammer! He have received an email from you and clicked Spam (or Junk). The person’s email provider (AOL, Comcast, Gmail, etc.) then sends a Spam Report to our email service, SendGrid.

What happens then?

SendGrid puts that email address (for your recipient) on their list of Blocked Emails with Spam Report as the reason.

When an email address is on the Blocked List will email continue to be sent to that address?

No. SendGrid, will no longer deliver email to any email address on that list.

Why does SendGrid stop sending emails?

This is to protect the reputation of TouchPoint churches as mass emailers. When a recipient indicates that one of your emails is spam, our rating as an emailer is lowered. We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent reputation (rating) as a mass emailer, so this service by SendGrid is very important to us – and should be important to you as well.

Can an email address be removed from the Blocked List?

Yes.  But this should not be done until after you have communicated with your church member (recipient) to find out if he wants to receive your emails. You should explain what has happened and why it is important that he NOT mark your emails as Spam. If he does not want to receive emails, remove the email address from the people record or leave the block on it.

Most people will tell you that they never intended to mark your email as Spam. They probably intended to Delete the email. Instead, they clicked Junk or Spam. Ask them never to do that again.

How do I remove an email address from the Blocked List due to a Spam Report?

Only a TouchPoint team member can do that. Submit a Support Request and ask us to unblock a specific address. Please provide the person’s name and People ID #. Let us know that you have verified that the person does want to receive email from you and that you have helped him understand the importance of not marking your email as Spam.

How can this be prevented?

Always include the {unsubscribe} link in your emails. If you already do this, perhaps you should try putting it in a more prominent spot in your email, such as in the Header. Click HERE to read more about the unsubscribe link.

Also, consider creating people records for the ministries that email newsletters or other types of messages to groups of people. Then email on behalf of that ministry record. Click HERE to read more about how to create and use Ministry records.



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