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Best Practices-Managing User Accounts

Every church has a certain amount of turnover, whether it is staff members, seasonal interns, or even lay leaders. So, the questions become these:

  1. What do you do as the System Admin when someone leaves their position?
  2. What should you do as a staff user before a new user account can be created for your new hire? 

We get questions about this (and more) from time to time, so we created a help article to offer some advice in this regard. We have a sample email you might want to use as a guide to create an email draft. Then you can send that additional email to new staff members (apart from the New User Welcome).  You can give them basic information a staff member needs to know about TouchPoint, links to some help articles that pertain specifically to their jobs, and what ever you think they need to know.

The article outlines the information a staff member needs to provide to the Admin user when 1) you need a new user account created, or 2) when one of your staff members is leaving.

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PS  Speaking of new staff members…we are working toward creating a series of lessons for potential clients to receive when they get a TouchPoint trial database. We plan to make these lessons suitable for, and available to, your new staff members as well. Be patient, but be watching. It’s a work in progress.


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