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New Online Registration ‘Find’ Feature

This is a totally cool new functionality! When a parent is registering a child online (without being logged in or using a Register Link) they are asked to enter the First and Last Name, DOB, Phone, and Email Address of the child. In order to be considered a match and find an existing record, the Name and one of those other 3 fields must match what is on the child’s people record. If they do not match, a new record will be created which is sometimes a duplicate.

With this new feature, it works like this:

If the parent (or whoever is registering that child) enters an email address that is not on the child’s record but is on the record of another family member, we now consider that a match and will find that child’s record. How easy is that?! Of course, they still must enter the child’s name correctly.

You should take a look at our Online Registration Basics and FAQ help article. We just added a section to explain the basics of how online registration works – what the user sees, what is actually required when a person registers without logging in – including this new feature, and more.

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PS  You know…if you email a parent a Register Link2 he doesn’t have to enter anything to find the child; he just selects the child from his family list. Now, that’s super easy!


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  1. Heath Kouns says:

    Will it match if the parents are divorced but the other parent is linked using the “parent” EV ?( )

    Periodically, I have to merge records when the parent not in the same family as the kids signs the kids up for an event, etc. which ends up creating a new record.

  2. Karen says:

    Currently, this is matching only when the person with the email address entered to find the record is in the same family unit. However, I will put this on our list to add as an update to this feature.

    If the parent enters the correct first and last name and a correct date of birth the system will find the child, even if the email address does not match. All the fields that are presented do not have to match in order to find the person. If they register and use a different email address when finding the child, a notification email is sent to both email address. That is the DiffEmailMessage in Special Content. So, in those cases when a new record is created that would be if the name does not match exactly or they do not enter a date of birth that matches.

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