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Toggle Options – Sadly Overlooked

I’m always surprised when I find users that are not aware of, or have forgotten about, the toggles that are under the Welcome Header. This is that part of the header that shows the user’s profile picture and name. It is a drop down menu and has some really cool options as toggles. This is also where you can click go to your profile (people record), change your password, or log out.

The 2 toggles I want to remind you of are the 2 you see with the green toggle in the image below. I recommend leaving these toggles turned on all the time.

  • Open Person in New Tab – When this is turned on and you are viewing any list of people, such as Search Builder results, click on a person’s name and a new tab opens displaying that person’s record. You can move back and forth between the 2 tabs and not lose your search results. Each time you click on another person in the list the same new tab is used, but will now display that new person.
  • Open Org in New Tab – This works the same way as the person toggle just with organizations instead of people. If you are viewing a list of orgs on Organization > Search you can click one org and have a new tab open to display that org without losing your initial filtered list.

New toggle (very limited and temporary use case) – The 3rd toggle is something we just added and has a very specific use case. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a toggle you want to leave turned on. When this is turned on all Search Add dialogs (such as Add New Member to an org) will change to function like Find Person does on online registrations.

Use Case- The purpose is to allow you to see what a registrant sees when registering online when they are not logging in. Always turn it back off when you are finished. We added this when we added the new feature (see recent post) in which we allow a match when a registrant enters an email address that is not on the child’s record but is on the record of a family member. This is for temporary use. The normal Search Add process is much better when you are actually in the database and searching for a person.

Finance Role – This toggle applies only to those with the Finance role and allows the user to turn off all finance features when not needed, such as when demonstrating something to another user.

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  1. Debbie Stone says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the toggles! I am one who had forgotten all about those and mine were both turned off!

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