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AltName Search & Display Features

Chinese Alt Name example

Last year we added two new Settings specifically to help our Chinese congregations that use Chinese characters in the AltName field on a person’s record.

  • ShowAltNameOnSearchResults
    • Add this Setting = true and the AltName (both English or Chinese) will display under the last name in the results. This works in People Find > Basic Search (not Quick Search) and in Search Builder results.
  • UseAltNameContains
    • This Setting, when added to your database, will allow for Chinese character searches using part of the Chinese name instead of the entire string. When searching for AltName like this use only characters from the AltName and not First or Goes By. We also have a Search Builder Condition to allow for AltName ‘Contains’.

Thank you to our friends at West Houston Chinese Church in Houston, TX for sponsoring these projects.

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Please continue to pray for all those in Texas, Florida, Georgia and other states and territories that have been hurt by the devastation of 2017 hurricanes.

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