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New SQL Report Recipe on Totals by Fund Report

This new report is a SQL recipe named Totals by Fund Payment Type. The purpose is to give you a breakdown of your online giving to distinguish between ACH and Credit Card. It also displays the Income Account Number for each Fund. Because this is a recipe, you can copy and paste it directly from our documentation right into your database very easily. Once that is done, you run the report from the Totals by Fund Report after you select the date range and other filters. Then, you select the new report from the Other Reports drop-down menu.

Remember, this is looking at the 2 types of online transactions – either ACH or Credit Card. We recommend that you select Online as the Source in order to view only those transactions that will have a type of either ACH or Card.

Thank you to Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN, for sponsoring this project!

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