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One Page Giving with a Twist

If you are familiar with our One Page Giving option for online giving, you know that this presents all fields on one page – the person’s name, email address, street address, zip, and country and a field for a donation to just one fund – and the person’s bank/credit card information. They never leave this page. See the sample below.

We have added a new dimension to One Page Giving! By adding an integer type of ad hoc Extra Value (named LoggedInOrgId) to your One Page Giving org, and using the Org ID# of your normal One-Time Giving org as the value, you can post the One Page Giving link on your website; but when your regular donors who have user accounts use the green Login Here button, they are taken to the normal online giving page that presents all the funds you have displaying for normal online giving.

This is like the best of both worlds. Post one link and have the streamlined one page presented to your new donors. But also give your normal donors the option to log in and give to any of the multiple funds you make available for online giving.

Sample One Page Giving

By the way, if you use the normal One Page Giving without adding the special Extra Value, when a donor logs in, he is able to give only that one fund you associated with that giving page. So, if you want your logged in users to be able to use the same link as those accessing the One Page Giving but give to more funds, just add this special Extra Value.

Read more…and look at the last two types of online giving in the list.

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