This morning, Feb. 7, 2018, we added a new user role that is now required for a user to access the Manage Org Members page. This is the page that is accessed under Organizations > Manage in the main menu. This is more of an advanced use page for special use cases such as Promotion or moving a lot of members when a class is closed or when you have an online registration and then need to separate everyone into smaller groups.

Also, this page is designed to remember everyone that has been moved so you can email a room notice letting people know their new class and room number. Once you send the email notice, the count starts over with those that are moved after you send the notices. You can also manually reset the count.

The new role is ManageOrgMembers. When you edit a user’s account to assign the role, it is listed in the Advanced Roles section. Assign this only to those users that really need to use it, not all of your users.

Remember, most moves can be handled using the Move Members process and do not need the email notices. This feature is accessed via the Member Dialog and does not require this special role, just Edit and Access.

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