Thank you to our friends at Hunter Street Baptist Church in Alabama for sponsoring this new report. As with our other ‘recipes’, these reports are easy to add to your database if you decide you want it. Because the Absents Report can be added to the blue Toolbar on the Organization Search/Manage page, you can filter for a set of organizations for which you want the report. When run, the report will list every member of those filtered orgs that was absent for the most recent scheduled meeting.

The report has links both to the person’s record and to the organization. It also contains the person’s Position in Family, cell and home phone numbers, and email address. His most recent attend date is listed along with the number of consecutive absences. As with all the SQL reports, you can download to Excel for further filtering and sorting.

This is one more tool to help you find those absent members and minister to them. Once you identify the people, then what? You can use Tasks and Contacts for a very effective way to divide the work load and to ensure people do not fall through the cracks. Plus, it leaves a record in TouchPoint so other staff and lay leaders will know what ministry touches been made.

If this sounds like a report you would like, just click the link below for more instructions, a sample report, and for the SQL code to copy and paste into your database.

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    Does this (or is there a way to make this) exclude or denote members with an other attend for the date of the last meeting?

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    That SQL Code is currently excluding specific Member Types, such as Homebound or In Service. You can add a line of code to also exclude specific Attendance Types. If you do not have someone on staff that knows SQL, please submit a Support Request and we can help with that.


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