All of you finance users will be interested in this feature if you have ever wanted to see financial reports for just one Fund or for a combination of Funds, instead of having all Funds combined. We call this Custom Fund Sets, and you determine how many sets you need and which Funds make up each set. These will display in a drop down named Fund Sets. Select the set you want and run the report.

Use Case 1:

Your church has multiple Funds for each of your Campuses and you want to see reports for those Funds. Enter the Funds for each Campus as a different set. Be sure to name each Fund Set to identify it with the Campus.

Use Case 2:

You have a yearly pledge drive and you always like to see reports for both your General Budget Fund combined with that Pledge Fund. No problem! Create a Fund Set that combines those 2 funds.

We have step-by-step instructions for how to set this up on your database and a list of reports where this is used.

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