Originally (back in the dark ages), we created the option to ask for Shirt Sizes and also to Allow Last Year’s Shirt, because the only online registrations we were doing in TouchPoint (then BVCMS) were for Recreation teams. They always ask the person’s shirt size, but they also will allow them to use their last year’s shirt if they want to. If the person chooses that option, they are not charged the shirt fee.

Well, we very quickly moved on from those early days and now online registrations are suitable for just about everything under the sun. And many of those registrations offer shirts for sale that can be purchased during the online registration. But what about when you want the shirt to be optional, and you still want the benefit of using the Shirt Size Report, but displaying ‘Use Last Year’s Shirt’ is not appropriate.

We came up with a solution. It is an Extra Value you add to the organization that allows you to enter the text you want the registrant to see in the shirt size drop down. Instead of Use Last Year, they could see No Shirt or Not Buying a Shirt.

This option is just in time for VBS registration or summer camp! Check it out.

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