This new report is a SQL recipe that you can run from the Totals by Fund Report page. It is designed to allow you to specify a date range, such as the 1st quarter of your fiscal year and compare individuals’ giving with the same time period the year before. Because the report is looking at individuals (or couples that give jointly), and not just summary numbers, each donor/couple will be on a separate row with their total giving for the time specified and the total giving for the prior year for the same time period. And the report will display either Stopped, Decreased, Increased, or Started and will sort with the givers that have stopped giving at the top. Like all of our SQL reports, you have the option to download as Excel.

Sound like a report you’d like. Then take a look at the documentation, where you can also find just what you need to create this report in your database.

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Oh, by the way – the new Custom Fund Sets will work with this report, too. That option was highlighted in a previous blog post.


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