The normal Donor Details export contains a lot of information – all the ‘details’ about the contributions for individuals for a date range. This alternative version still contains all the same columns, but with several more added. The added columns have the address in separate fields, includes the First and Last Name of the donor (in addition to the original fields for Head Name and Spouse Name), and adds the Family Name. The Family Name is on the row for every person in the family. Example: John and Mary Smith.

This was created to help those churches that are doing external evaluation of their donors. This gives them what they need in order to create a Word Merge and send letters based on specific criteria.

This does require that you add 2 Administration Settings to your database in order to produce this alternative version of the export instead of the default version. So take a look at the documentation if you are interested in this.

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Thank you to Redemption Church in AL for sponsoring this project.

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