With Fund-Based Finance Roles you can give a user access to contribution data limited to a specific fund or group of funds. If you have an administrator who works only with a specific ministry such as a day-care or an inner-city rescue mission, you can use one of these special roles to limit access to only the needed funds.
Our thanks to Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church for sponsoring this project.
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  1. Rev. Bruce E. Manning
    Rev. Bruce E. Manning says:

    I am on the pastoral staff at New Life Church in Springfield, Oregon with Rev. Todd Wagner as lead pastor. I am working in Visitation and Pastoral care. I have tried to do just as they told me in the office to log into the data base to secure personal info so I can locate people that need visiting and I have done all just as they stated and never can log in. I do not have any problem logging in with other accounts leaving me to be frustrated. Any suggestions?


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