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Soon Windows XP Will No Longer Work for Check-In

Upcoming security upgrades will mean that Windows XP systems can no longer be used as Check-In stations or as print servers for iPad/Android Tablet Check-In. The Windows XP operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft and, as a result, important security features in it have not been kept up-to-date.

If your church has Check-In systems still running Windows XP, you will need to upgrade or replace them as soon as possible. In the next few weeks, a new mandatory upgrade of the Check-In application will be released. At that time, Check-In PCs will need to have Windows 7 or later.

For you who like to have the technical explanation: Utilized within the Check-In application, the .NET framework needs to be updated to a newer version that supports better encryption. That version of .NET is not available on Windows XP.

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