Imagine: your church has started a series of lessons written by the Discipleship Pastor. Your vision is to saturate the 10 week curriculum into every aspect of your church. The staff will need the training materials. The Sunday School teachers will need the class lessons. The small group leaders will need the discussion questions. And on it goes.

How do you send those materials to the right people, in the most efficient way?

Your first thought might be to send several emails tailored to each individual group… along with gigabytes of attachments that likely will never be downloaded.

Fast forward to five weeks from now. The Newlywed teacher can’t find the email to download the next lesson. The Youth Pastor printed 100 pages of lessons for each of his 20 volunteers because he thought it “would be easier than keeping track of an email.” Now several of the volunteers have already lost their handouts.

Introducing: TouchPoint Resources!

Resources is your new centralized location for documents within TouchPoint. It’s where your various teams, groups, lay leaders, staff members, volunteers, deacons (you name it!) can download information curated just for them.


We’ve added a new resources tab on every contact record. Now individuals can access relevant content right from their profile.


You’ll be able to access resources from your mobile app browser as well.

All your church needs is a TouchPoint account and a web connected device. Church members can login from anywhere and find the resources they need right on their own contact record.

Deacons can now download their visitation assignments. Sunday School teachers can access this week’s lesson without contacting the church. Volunteers can get directions to the next service project.

Cut down on emailing attachments to every group in the church. Slash the number of calls you receive asking for information already sent weeks ago! Become more efficient and equip your congregation to serve your church!

Many kudos to Redeemer Presbyterian for sponsoring this game-changing project. We couldn’t be more excited to roll out this new feature to our churches! Read more about it here.

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