Check-In 1.1 for Windows PCs has been released! While this update will not provide new functionality, it is a vital step forward in security and in laying the groundwork for coming new features. Because of the internal changes made, this new release will not upgrade your current Check-In. Instead it must be installed as a new application. You will not need to uninstall the previous application. Please note that Windows XP is not a supported operating system for this new version of Check-In. It must be installed on systems with Windows 7 or Windows 10.

We encourage you to download and install this new release as soon as possible. For a time, you can have both the previous and new versions simultaneously on your Check-In PCs. This will allow you to migrate settings and to test the new release before you start using it. At the end of April, the previous Check-In application (version 1.0) will no longer be supported and will no longer function.

Click here to install the new release. For details, see our article on Installing Check-In 1.1.

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