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Attendance reminders, automatically sent to leaders before scheduled meetings, now have a few new features. 

Did Not Meet

Leaders can now indicate when a scheduled meeting did not take place. When this feature is enabled, the meeting can be marked as “Did Not Meet”. This is enabled by adding the administration setting UseDidNotMeetOption and giving it the value True.

Attendance Reminder Email Template

For attendance reminders that are emailed (as opposed to sent via SMS), the subject and body are now determined by an email template named Attendance Reminder Email. You will want to customize the template with your church’s logo and the desired wording, using replacement codes that are modeled in the sample template provided. The template is hidden behind the role SystemEmailTemplates which has been assigned to all Admins.

Action Item: Modify the template as needed for your church.

Updated Reports

Several reports on the Organization Search page have been enhanced to include “Did Not Meet” information. These include:

  • Export Meetings/Attendance
  • Meeting Day Stats
  • Meetings
  • Meetings/Attendance
  • Meetings For Month

You can read more about the “Did Not Meet” feature here, and more about the new Attendance Reminder Email template here.

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