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As in-person worship services and other events are beginning to reconvene, churches are finding ways to ensure the safety of all in attendance. To assist, TouchPoint has created a new org registration called COVID Health Screening which will be loaded to your database upon request. Questions recommended by the CDC are included in the registration. Registrants that check any of the boxes (indicating health warnings) will be placed in subgroups, providing you an easy way to reach out to them with further instructions.

The questions on the COVID Health Screening registration

You can require that registrants complete the questionnaire before registering for onsite events by making this screening a Validate Organization for other registrations. To ensure health information is current, membership in the Screening organization will be automatically deleted 2 days after registration (or a number of days you specify). Therefore registrants will need to re-register if attending in-person events more than that many days into the future. 

To view registrant responses, run the new SQL custom report of the same name, COVID Health Screening, found in the </> section of the Blue Toolbar for each organization/registration. If you change any of the subgroup names, there will be required updates to the SQL report.

If you would like to use the COVID Health Screening registration, contact Support and we will add the necessary files to your database. The suite includes the organization, SQL report, and Python script (for dropping aged registrations).


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