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Leah Davenport

Customizable Directories

We often hear from clients that want to add or remove information from one of our standard directories. That is why we created what we call the Custom DocX Directory. There are actually 3 directories...

Donor Total Summary Export

This report has been in TouchPoint for a long time, but you may not have ever noticed it. This is an Excel export that compares giving over a period of years (that you specify) and can be limited to...

Alternative Donor Details Export

The normal Donor Details export contains a lot of information - all the 'details' about the contributions for individuals for a date range. This alternative version still contains all the same...

Giving Change Quarters Report

This new report is a SQL recipe that you can run from the Totals by Fund Report page. It is designed to allow you to specify a date range, such as the 1st quarter of your fiscal year and compare...

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