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We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Tasks & Notes feature. Please carefully note the following timeline:

  • The new Tasks & Notes will be turned on for all churches the evening of Monday, September 13, so you can set it up to start using it and training your staff and leaders. The legacy Tasks & Contacts will continue to be available temporarily.
  • The latest app release will begin to be available early next week and continue into the following week, depending on approvals by Apple and Google. This new app version works exclusively with the new Tasks & Notes and no longer supports legacy Tasks & Contacts.
  • Beginning the week of September 20th, churches may send a request to Support that we migrate their legacy Tasks & Contacts to the new platform.
  • The night of Tuesday, September 28th October 5th, we will migrate everyone to the new Tasks & Notes and will turn off the legacy functionality.

In order to prepare you and your teams for this transition we have provided the following:

1. Video Overview of the New Feature - Share this with your team so they can be familiar with the changes that are coming.

2. Video for Admins - This video is a review of what you need to do before and after the transition. There is some setup you can do today, prior to the feature’s full release. This video walks you through those changes so that you and your teams can be ready to use the new functionality as soon as it is live.

3. What questions do you have? We will be assembling a FAQ documentation guide that will include your questions and answers. Once we receive several questions, we will publish those questions and answers. We will be adding to the document as new questions come in, so submit your questions!

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