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We are releasing a new version of the TouchPoint mobile app (version 2021.3.2), which will include our new Directories feature, improved functionality and terminology, as well as minor tweaks.

Involvements have been updated to include Directories

When a user visits his/her Involvements list, they will see 3 horizontal dots to the right of those Involvements with an available Directory.


After selecting a Directory, the user will have two setting options available from the Gear Icon in the upper righthand side: My Global Settings and Settings For This Directory. 
  1. When choosing My Global Settings, users can select what information they want to show in all Directories they are in.
  2. Alternatively, if users choose Settings for this Directory, users can select what information they would like to show for just that particular Directory.


For more information about privacy settings, please see our Privacy Settings help article, and for additional details about Directories, see our Mobile App Directories blog.

Specify which Involvements appear in the Mobile App. Using Lookup Codes, you may restrict (by Involvement Type) which Involvements appear in the Mobile App. Stay up-to-date with our blog for more details, coming in the next web release. 


Additional Changes

  • When a person only has one user account (most common scenario), they will no longer need to select the user and instead it will go straight to their account.
  • The profile menu has been reorganized and updated with better terminology.
  • We standardized the title field (and a few other fields) to match the recent updates on the web side.

We have sent these updates to each app store, so be on the lookout for this new version in the next few days.


Stay tuned for the next version (2021.4) which will add the new Tasks & Notes functionality natively in the mobile app.

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