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Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that gives people and companies the digital certificates they need in order to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites. TouchPoint’s digital certificates are provided by Let’s Encrypt and with the recent expiration of Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate, we want to provide information regarding TouchPoint and supported platforms.

TouchPoint strives to support any platforms that are still supported by their manufacturer. If the hardware or software is no longer supported by their manufacturer, it is not advisable to even connect the device to the internet, and therefore any TouchPoint platform, for security reasons. While unsupported platforms might technically be able to connect to TouchPoint services, they will likely display a message about an insecure connection. This is due to the client and its inability to support the latest security standards. Also, some older devices might fail to authenticate altogether without giving a security warning. For example, older iPads running iOS 9 (i.e. iPad Mini Gen 1) will no longer work for TouchPoint Check-In. 

Here is a list of platforms that no longer validate Let’s Encrypt’s certificates as of September 2021 and are not recommended to be used by TouchPoint users.

  • macOS < 10.12.1
  • iOS < 10
  • Mozilla Firefox < 50
  • Ubuntu >= precise / 12.04 and < xenial / 16.04
  • Debian >= squeeze / 6 and < jessie /8
  • Java 8 >= 8u101 and < 8u141
  • Java 7 >= 7u111 and < 7u151
  • NSS >= v3.11.9 and < 3.26
  • Amazon FireOS (Silk Browser) (version range unknown)
  • Cyanogen > v10 (version that added ISRG Root X1 unknown)
  • Jolla Sailfish OS > v1.1.2.16 (version that added ISRG Root X1 unknown)
  • Kindle > v3.4.1 (version that added ISRG Root X1 unknown)
  • Blackberry >= 10.3.3 (version that added ISRG Root X1 unknown)
  • PS4 game console with firmware >= 5.00 (version that added ISRG Root X1 unknown)

If you are using any devices on these platforms, it is time to upgrade to a newer, supported device or operating system. If you have any questions, please contact Support.

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