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You will soon notice some changes to the way People Records, the People Menu, the Involvements Menu, and Search Builder look. Some enhancements are subtle, and others are more noticeable and will streamline processes. Get comfortable...we're about to explore these a bit more in-depth. We have also included a short video overview of these changes at the bottom of this post. 

People Record

You will notice a cleaner panel on the left side of the page.
  • We removed the large Edit Picture button and replaced the action with a Pencil Icon.
  • Similarly, we removed the Add Family Member button and replaced it with simply a + Button.

People Record - Update

These minor enhancements allow us to make greater use of the prime real estate on the page. 


Admin Users will notice that the System > User Account tab received a minor facelift as well.
  • In the Actions column, the Edit button has been replaced by a Small Menu. This means you no longer need to go into edit mode to Impersonate a User or Delete a User Account. You have access to those items from this menu. 
  • Edit still functions the same as it always has, allowing you to assign/update roles, reset a password, send the welcome email, etc. 

People - System Tab

People Menu

We have consolidated a few items in the People Menu: 


  • Search will launch the Basic Search.
    • Note: We removed Quick Search from this menu. The Quick Search is easily activated two ways: using the Search button (designated with the magnifying glass) in the menu bar across the top and by pressing the "/" key on your keyboard. 
  • Add Person, Tasks, Contacts, and Tags have been moved from the right side to the left. 

Search Builder

We cleaned up the selections, removing the repetitive redundancies, but we didn't change any behavior:

  • New will still launch a new search.
  • Last will launch your last search.
  • Saved will open saved searches. 

People Menu

The righthand side of this menu now only provides quick access to the five most recently visited people records and your record. 

Involvements Menu

  • Depending on your role, you may currently use Involvement Members and Promotion for moving involvement members en masse. Those two functions are joining the other Involvement-related management tools under the Administration menu > Involvements.
    • Note: If you currently have access to these tools (through the ManageOrgMembers role), you will retain that access. 

Search Builder

A few updates will be rolling out regarding the aesthetics and maneuverability of Search Builder. 

Building Searches

  • All scratchpads will now be called Drafts
  • We removed the Actions button and provided more easily accessible options to Save, Save As, and navigate to Saved Searches, and create a New Search.
    • Save and Save As will perform the same action if the search you're working in is a draft/unsaved search.
    • If you are working in a saved search, Save will save your changes over your previously saved search while Save As will allow you to create a new saved search and still retain the first saved search. 
  • The +Condition and +Group buttons are now found below the conditions instead of above them. No change has been made to behavior. 
  • We have also made some minor visual updates to the top portion of the Results section on the right (number of results, date/time stamp, page number location, and blue toolbar location). No change in behavior here either. 

Saved Searches

  • You may notice that we are changing our language to remove the word "queries" in several places, one being the Saved Searches page. 
  • Other language on this page has also become more concise/clear ("Drafts" versus "Scratch Pads," "My Searches" versus "Only My Queries"). 
  • We will still save your most recent 5 scratchpads drafts so that you may continue to easily locate those on this page. 
  • We have also added the ability to create a New Search from this page. 

Search Builder


Check out these changes in action:



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