Build community on the go

Alongside the TouchPoint ChMS, churches can maximize their engagement with our custom-branded mobile app. The TouchPoint mobile app keeps your church connected day to day, not just Sundays.


Your Community, Your Church

Cultivate familiarity

Maintain continuity for worshippers on the go with an app featuring all the colors, imagery, and content of your church. 

Multiple campuses. Multiple expressions.

Each campus can customize the visual experience and content specific to its location. Toggling between campuses is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Be a good shepherd

Help congregants find their way — literally. For churches with large campuses, out-of-the way locations, or multiple structures, building and campus maps clearly steer visitors to their destinations.


Facilitate Involvement

Two-way app and database sync

For worshippers, being able to add profile photos and update information, like adding a new family member, personalizes their church app, but for administrators, there’s an added benefit: an always up-to-date database of disciples.

Easy login with SMS or email

Accessing your user account is a streamlined process. Simply enter your cell phone number or email address to receive a one-time verification code. You’ll then be able to log in with your thumbprint, passcode, or FaceID from that point on. 

event registrations showcase

Inspire participation

Signing up for church activities has never been easier. What congregants see on the app, they’ll also see on your website. So, whether they register for an event on your site or the app, the data all syncs to the same place.

two way texting screenshot

Text reminders and confirmations

It’s not just doctors and dentists who can send SMS messages. With the TouchPoint app, you can automatically text confirmations, questions, registration deeplinks, and more.


Giving On The Go

Say goodbye to paper statements

Congregants can review their giving history, pledges, and statements in the app just like they do for their bank or credit union accounts. 

giving-statement screenshot
screenshot of mobile giving form

An offering plate in your pocket

One-time log-in offers friction-free, secure access within seconds, making giving that much easier. Make a one-time gift or manage recurring giving anytime, anywhere. 

Cut your fees in half

Unlike other systems, TouchPoint doesn’t mark up processing fees or accept financial incentives from giving partners. We integrate with many stand-alone giving platforms and payment gateways, including one that offers the lowest possible transaction fees for churches. Contact us to learn how you can cut your online giving fees significantly.

$ Base Subscription Fee

$ Marked Up Payment Processor Fee

$ Other Hidden Fees


Consistent Communications

No more late night scrambles

Schedule content, event promotions, and announcements weeks or months ahead of time. Your communications team will love this feature.

app screen showing sermon feed

One app for all your media

Video and audio of sermons, podcast episodes, recorded classes, and everything in between can be curated in-app. Staff will enjoy the integrations with major media platforms — YouTube, Apple iTunes, SoundCloud, Vimeo — that keep users within the same content ecosystem and focused on your church.

Personalized communications

Push notifications mean worshippers never miss important messages.

push notification screenshot

Help drive app adoption with deeplinks

Email or text links open directly on the page in the app where you want the recipient to take action. Because the TouchPoint app remembers each user, maintaining passwords won’t be necessary.


Lead With Confidence

Stop hunting for phone numbers

With just a few swipes, recall the name of congregants in your care. Permissioning roles also allow you to determine who has access to which directories, keeping data manageable and secure.

Simplified follow-up

Ensure your people feel seen and cared for. Ministry tasks make it easy for staff and lay leaders to quickly contact and record notes on every interaction. 

screenshot of ministry task functionality
attendance feature mockup

A modern-day roll call

Say goodbye to clipboards with messy lists of names. With TouchPoint, a simple click allows users to check off attendees or add a guest, saving time and paper (plus the environment). No more manually entering attendance notes into a separate system; the app records it for you.


Coming Soon

The TouchPoint app comes complete with additional built-in features that empower church members and staff, deepening their relationship with Christ and your church.

Discipleship Groups Module - In Beta

A curriculum delivery and group management tool for lay-leader initiated and led small groups, this extremely powerful module will enable your church to minister more personally to your members.

Sermon notes - In Beta

Cut printing and paper costs by giving congregants a convenient location for all their sermon notes, while encouraging adoption and engagement with your mobile presence.

Self check-in

Avoid touching screens or standing in lines. Families will soon be able to see the upcoming events they’re registered for, check themselves in, and print their name labels with a simple QR code scan.


For users with their mobile device set to Spanish or Simplified/Traditional Chinese, hard coded app prompts will automatically translate.

Let’s Chat

Tell us a little about yourself, and one of our ministry experts will reach out to see how TouchPoint can provide a one-stop information hub for you, your colleagues, and congregation.