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Too often, the giving process in church can be an impersonal one. Money changes hands but the meaning of that giving gets lost.

Leaders in may not actually know who gave what and why. Members may hear about what the community’s collective contribution is doing, but not have a strong sense of the individual impact they’re making. Both these things hurt future giving.

Church giving is an area where data can make a significant difference. Knowing the numbers and reading into them will reveal some valuable insights that can propel your giving program forward.

Four Steps You Can Take to Inspire Greater Church Giving

Here are some ways you can use data to increase giving and drive people toward deeper levels of generosity:

  1. Be purposeful about tracking and engaging with new givers.

There is a tendency to believe that if someone gives once or twice, they will continue to give. What we’ve found in our research is that it takes five gifts before someone gives regularly. Knowing this, and being intentional about walking alongside people from their first to their fifth gift, is a great way to use the data you have at your disposal to drive generosity.

  1. Meet with your top givers on a regular basis.

Share with them information about how their personal giving impacts real lives through the ministry. Many of your church’s highest givers have full careers and busy lives that may prevent them from being as active in the church as they would like. Building a personal relationship with these members can connect the dots between their career and the ministry their contributions support.

  1. Use data to identify people with the potential to give more.

More often than not, there is someone in your church who could and would increase his or her generosity if only asked. Use giving data to find who the key givers are at your church, and connect with people who have willingness and capacity to give more.

  1. Find out what your financial leaders are passionate about.

Giving is deeply tied to what stirs our affections, so make time to meet individually with key givers at your church to find out what they value most. Once you get those individuals engaged in ministries that are doing work with which they find emotional and spiritual resonance, their finances will follow.

Learn more about leveraging the data in your Church Management System to enhance discipleship and reach more people with the Gospel. Download our free resource “4 Ways Data Can Help You Make Better Ministry Decisions” today.

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