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There’s no denying that technology has changed the experience of the people who walk through our church doors every Sunday.

On one hand, we are more networked than ever before. We go to work, interact with people we see at the gym, talk with other parents at our kids’ soccer practices, and probably even attend church most Sundays. Technology ensures that we don’t miss anything; yet, the truth is that most people live most days feeling stressed like something is still missing.

While technology has created a larger void in some ways, it does give church leaders access to information and tools they can use to actually help people overcome these challenges. Today’s church management systems have created new opportunities to enhance their discipleship efforts despite the fact that we live in an increasingly busy and noisy world.

In this resource, we’ll unpack four practical ways you can begin use new technology to enhance discipleship and engage more people in ministry.

  • Why technology must be a vital component of your discipleship process
  • How technology can help people assimilate into your church more quickly
  • Methods for prompting people to deepen their commitment to Christ and to your church body

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