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Let's be real: technology is expensive. While church management systems (ChMS) are incredibly beneficial in many ways, they also require a significant financial investment.

Many church leaders are asking... Are we investing precious ministry resources in the RIGHT software, or wasting money on the wrong systems?

What's even scarier? Too often, the true cost of your church software lies hidden from view. In our latest resource, we set out to uncover what those "invisible" costs really are.

To discover the real cost of your church management system (ChMS), you have to think past the price tag.

Determining the true value of your ChMS is never as simple as just looking at the sticker price. It involves weighing a number of different factors. Download our free eBook today to find out what your current ChMS could be costing you.

Free Resource: 5 Hidden Costs of (the Wrong) Church Management Software

In this EBook, you'll learn:

✔ Types of hidden fees that could be making your software more expensive than you realize

✔ How having too many systems with disparate data could be costing you big $$

✔ Why having too many church apps is costing you precious time, resources, and bandwidth

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