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It’s a fact of life: People can’t always make it to church. Whether they’re sick, out of town, or dealing with whatever curveball life has thrown at them on that particular Sunday, sometimes people just can’t physically be there.

So what’s the best thing to do when a person can’t make it to your church? Bring your church to them! Now if you just have one or two people out, that might actually be feasible. But when you get into the dozens it can’t be more complicated, if not downright impossible.

Fortunately, this is an area where technology can be a great resource for churches.

2 Ways Mobile Technology Can Benefit Parishioners

Technology can help bring your church to people wherever they are, offering opportunities for them to be engaged and involved even when they are not physically present. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Sermons on-the-go

I love my Church. I love the worship, the message, the leadership team, and I have built a close circle of friends. On rare occasions, I may not get to attend on a Sunday (sick child, out of town, etc.) and, while I may miss the fellowship, I no longer have to miss the service.

Many churches are now using technology to spread the Gospel beyond the four walls of the church. You no longer need a million dollar budget and a satellite channel to broadcast your weekly services.

Here a few super easy options to offer your sermons online for mobile users:

  • Facebook Live is a great way for your congregation to view sermons on the go, and all it requires is a mobile phone and the Facebook app.
  • iTunes Podcasts are my favorite way to pass the time whenever I have to brave the Austin traffic.
  • SoundCloud Podcasts are a fantastic alternative to iTunes.

Offering mobile-ready versions of your sermons is a great way to keep your congregation engaged when life gets in the way of attending a service.

  1. Mobile giving

When I was a kid, we passed the collection plate every week and I was always excited when I had the opportunity to give a couple of quarters. Keep in mind that back then if you needed some cash you had to go to the bank during business hours.

This was in the 80s and ATMs were not in widespread use. Over the last few years we have seen a vast migration of business transactions move from the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront to the digital world. Amazon Prime anyone? Can I get an Amen?

While many Churches are now offering an online portal, it’s time to step it up and offer a mobile-first solution. Today, many people—especially younger people—do not carry cash or checks anymore.

A recent “State of the Plate” report found only 21% of millennials were interested in giving on a church website, but 49% were interested in giving on a mobile app.

Providing folks an opportunity to give on their phones is a great addition to passing the collection plate, and you can even link to the mobile-giving app from an SMS text message.

These are just two examples of ways your church can use mobile to build stronger connections with congregation members. In both cases the idea is the same: Remove the barriers preventing interactions with parishioners and bring your church to your community members wherever they may be.

Learn more ways going mobile can benefit your church—download “5 Ways That Mobile Tech Can Transform Your Ministry” today.

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