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As a church leader, you should care deeply about stewarding your church’s resources well. Technology is one of those resources, and an important one that helps your church grow. Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee found themselves in a stewardship crisis. Their membership was quickly expanding, but their technology couldn't keep up.

Englewood's staff needed a new system that could scale with them without adding unneeded costs. The technology was expensive, insecure, and a long-awaited product update had yet to materialize.

With the help of TouchPoint, Englewood was able to deepen their ability to meet the needs of the church through technology. They also added 1,000 new members over the course of six years. And they did it without adding unnecessary costs.

Download the Englewood Baptist story to learn:

  • How to get more out of your church management system without adding extra IT staff
  • Ways to use mobile technology to improve communication with members
  • How to gain new insights about your church and make more informed decisions for the future

Your church management technology should not be giving you headaches. It should energize you to find new ways to grow your church.

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