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October 2020 Updates

Our cups are full following our time with you at TouchPoint Summit last month — thank you for making it such a great event! Like many gatherings this season, our annual software summit pivoted to a virtual format. I could not be more proud of the TouchPoint team for their effort and dedication to make this happen.
We’ve been working hard all year not just on the Summit, but also on new features and improved functionality to make your mission successful. I hope you’re enjoying the fruits of our labor. In fact, we’ve recently released features that you’ll find especially helpful in the months ahead.
For instance, our giving platform makes it even easier for congregants and church leaders to manage contributions during the holidays. Ticketing allows you to cost-effectively and efficiently organize event sales while supporting safe practices, such as socially distanced seat planning and ticket delivery via mobile and email. There are plenty more of those improvements available, including an overhaul of online registrations — read on to learn more!
Thank you again for partnering with us in ministry. We hope the fall season has kicked off smoothly for you and that you’re staying healthy and happy!
Galatians 6:9,
— Ross

Upcoming Webinars

October New Features Webinar | Thursday, October 29 @ 2 pm central

Those of you who were able to attend Summit got a sneak peek of some of these features, and now we're proud to demonstrate them for everyone. Sign up for this month's New Features Webinar to save your spot.


New Features

Ticketing Available now! Churches can sell reserved seating with this new integration that saves you 75%+ compared to similar solutions. This feature was just used at a large church last Sunday for social distancing and contract tracing. Learn More or Schedule a Demo.

Giving Platform Our team has created an all-new, zero-fee Giving Platform that is free to use and integrates with the payment gateway of your choice!  Learn more.
Did you know that TouchPoint offers nine different ways to brand your database? You can make TouchPoint an extension of your church by customizing your database. Branding your database provides familiarity for your staff and end-users that will instill trust in your system and create a more positive experience overall.
So, what are the nine different ways to brand TouchPoint? Keep scrolling to find out.

1. Login Page This is the first screen that every TouchPoint User will see as they log in to their database. 

2. Navigation Bar Once you’re logged in to TouchPoint, the button in the upper lefthand corner may be modified to be your church’s logo. If you haven’t updated it, it will read “TouchPoint.”

3. Online Giving Pages These are public-facing pages that the congregant will see as they go online to donate, so make them beautiful.

4. Online Registrations These are also public-facing pages that the registrant will see as they register for events online. You may have a default look for all registrations or brand each individual registration/event.

5. Web Check-In Screen The Web Check-In Screen is what the Member/Guest will see when they arrive at the check-in station to check in for a class. You can customize these pages per Profile (Ministry/Location within the church).

6. Emails We have an easy-to-use mobile-friendly email builder that allows you to create beautiful, branded, mobile-friendly emails. Many churches create and save templates per ministry or event.

7. Small Group Finder The Small Group Finder is what your churchgoers will use to search for and register for a group.

8. Custom Domain A custom domain allows your churchgoers to type in a customized URL (that your church owns) into the address bar that will redirect the user to your TouchPoint Database. For example, they may be able to visit “My.YourChurch.Com” instead of “TouchPoint.YourChurch.com.” This feature requires development resources and is available for a one-time fee of $350.

9. Mobile App Your staff, lay leaders, and churchgoers will all use the same app if your church has purchased the custom-branded mobile app.

Learn more here!


Back by popular demand: these promotions have been extended through Saturday, October 31 at 11:59pm CST, so reach out to our team today!*

Training and Consulting:  Buy at least 10 hours by 10/30 and get 20% free

Tune up package - 4 hours of training and 3 hours of consulting for $1,000

Custom Domain:  $350 if by 10/30, then it goes to $400

Ticketing: Buy $3,500 of tickets by 10/30 - setup is included and tickets can be used until 12/31/21

Referral Program: 25% of yearly subscription revenue, no limit

Deadline is close of business on Saturday, October 31 at 11:59pm CST

Terms and conditions apply.

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