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There’s a lot of chatter about data these days. You’ve probably heard or read about how forward-thinking businesses, nonprofits and pro sports teams are using data to “change the game”. But what does that mean for churches? Why is data important in ministry?

Data gives churches insight to better meet the needs of congregation members. Using data, church leaders can discover things like what programs members want to see more of, how members prefer to make different type of gifts, and even identify at-risk members before they disengage from the church.

Benefits of being a data-driven ministry include:

  • Smarter decision-making (eliminating biases)
  • Better meeting the needs of your members
  • A community where everyone feels they have a say
  • Creating stronger, more personal connections with members

Embracing Data as a Kingdom-Building Tool

Putting data to work for your church may seem confusing, challenging or outside your expertise, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about taking the right approach. We want to help you break through the barriers keeping you from experiencing the great rewards data can provide.

Through this guide, we will share some practical steps you can take today to put data to work in your church to help deepen engagement with members, enhance discipleship, and make better, more informed decisions for the future of your ministry.

In this paper you will learn:

  • How to determine what data is really important and actionable
  • Why you should use data in the midst of work that is fundamentally oriented towards caring and ministering to individuals
  • How to solicit constructive feedback from church members and use it to make smarter ministry decisions

Download “The Field Guide for Data-Driven Ministry” today to learn how you can start using data to move your members and ministry forward in ways you never thought possible.

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