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TouchPoint’s Training Curriculum ensures your team is able to maximize their ministry using the tools available in TouchPoint. Each session is 1 hour in duration and is conducted privately between a TouchPoint Trainer and your team. When facilitated online, we share our computer screen using Zoom so you can easily follow along.

We also record each session and make it available to you the same day. We conduct these sessions in our Training Database, so you don’t have to worry about your data being shared. If you prefer a trainer spend time with your team in person, we can also conduct these same courses in a classroom style setting. Additionally, TouchPoint University offers a selection of Free Courses. Each free course is 1/2 hour in duration.

Discover more below: 

Strategic Consulting

In addition to Training, TouchPoint is proud to offer Consulting Services to further power your mission and vision. We walk alongside you to identify any potential opportunities for improvement in system knowledge and then help your staff and lay leaders confidently take their TouchPoint knowledge and practices to the next level. We are happy to meet with you via teleconference or at your church.

How do I know which is best for my team? 

If you have not yet been educated about a particular feature, Training is the best place to start. If your church has been using TouchPoint but you feel you aren’t optimizing the system or want to strengthen your use in a particular ministry area, consulting is for you. 

If you are a new church, we recommend purchasing a block of both training and consulting. Training will be a great way to introduce your staff to the features. Following the training up with Consulting will help connect the dots, empowering your staff to use the features in the best way to maximize their ministry. 

Below are some ideas of what consulting time can look like with your team:

Setup & Feature Use

Powering your Mission and Vision

Looking for Support?

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