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TouchPoint—Built By the Church, For the Church

When we build new tools and applications, we make them for our own church and for our friends' churches. We listen. We design TouchPoint features around your expectations and ministry needs whether you are a small congregation or a multi-campus church.

Access From Anywhere

Access From Anywhere

Ministry doesn’t exist within four walls and neither should your church management system. We live in a connected world, which is why we design TouchPoint using technology so that it works well on all your devices—large or small. This gives you full access from your desktop to your tablet or mobile phone.

View more Access features:
  • Access is controlled by various roles granted to your users
  • New features are published almost every week, and your TouchPoint software is always up to date with the latest version
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Work from home or from your favorite coffee shop
  • Lay leaders can log visitation results right from their car
  • Manage your ministry on your mobile device from anywhere
  • Your members can register online for your events from our TouchPoint App
People, Families and Church Membership

People, Families and Church Membership

TouchPoint is a single database for managing your ministry and people are the most important part of ministry. You will be able to maintain individual people records grouped by family and linked to related families. Know at a glance the status of any member or guest. Pertinent ministry information is right at your fingertips. Allow your members to keep their own information up to date and let them view their own contribution statements whenever they want. We call this a MyData account. 

More about People and Families:
  • Find any person quickly with Quick Search
  • Individual and family photos
  • Up to 99 Custom Status Flags that are refreshed automatically every day built on your own criteria
  • See entire history of an individual’s involvement including emails sent or received, ministry contacts made or received, outstanding tasks, attendance, enrollments etc.
  • Family Relationships to link families together
  • Driving directions and maps
  • Address verification through the USPS database
  • Create custom fields called “Extra Values” to track any data not already part of your database
  • Simple to move newlyweds to new family unit
  • Volunteer application approval process
  • Background check integration with Protect My Ministry
  • Duplicate finder and Merge Duplicates tools
  • Custom couple names for labels
  • Custom mailing addresses for Rural Routes and PO boxes
More about Church Membership:
  • Complete church membership tracking
  • Automated and customizable membership process available
  • Upload application and membership documents to a person’s record
  • Record private notes using extra values visible only to users in a specified role
  • Record custom Connection Card selections tailored to your church
More about MyData users:
  • A MyData user has no access other than to their own family's records
  • They can edit personal information and upload pictures
  • Using their login, registration for online events is easy for the whole family
  • They can view their contribution statements online
  • They can make online gifts or set up recurring giving
Organizations, Attendance, and Online Registrations

Organizations, Attendance, and Online Registrations

Organizations are the workhorse of TouchPoint—the key component to managing your people’s involvement with the church. Examples include (but are not limited to) small groups, Sunday School classes, committees, elders and deacons, staff, ball teams, newsletter subscriptions, and online registrations.

Attendance and involvement in organizations are both critical measures for your church. Attendance is recorded in meetings which are associated with an organization and can be created on the fly or with a schedule. Do you know if someone has been absent for the past three weeks and needs a call? Take individual attendance and keep up with who is connected and who is not.

Want to make event registration easier for registrants and organizers? Use TouchPoint’s online registration for all types of events. From small group Bible study to a large weekend event, our online registration does it all. Any organization can be used for online registration.

More about Organizations:
  • Organizations are used to group people related to their involvement
  • Track current members of an organization, previous members, guests, prospects, pending and inactive members
  • Track complete enrollment history for every organization’s members or previous members
  • Easily transfer members from one organization to another
  • Yearly promotion feature for classes
  • Build and publish an interactive Small Group Finder with organizations
  • Give Lay Leaders privileged access with an account designed to limit their access to just the organizations they lead so they can minister effectively to their flock and guests
More about Attendance:
  • You can enter attendance with traditional printed roll sheets and bar code scanning, on a mobile app, through the check-in system, or with a combination of these methods
  • Attendance tracking consideration for In-Service, Visiting Members, Mission Trips, etc.
  • Super-fast, efficient wand scanning barcodes for entering attendance records
  • Small group attendance tracking
  • Email attendance notices for lay leaders with recent guests and absentees
  • Attendance information both on the organization page and on the individual's page
  • Many Search Builder conditions to help you find people based on their attendance
  • Barcode based ticketing attendance for special events
  • Fast Worship Connection Card attendance entry
  • TouchPoint provides both individual and headcount attendance for small groups and large worship services
See what you can do with Online Registration:
  • Multiple fee options, customizable questions, drop-downs, checkboxes, and more
  • Registrations can be used with or without fees
  • Registration for camps with Release of Liability Forms and Medical Information
  • Team sports signup with automatic league assignments based on age/gender
  • Automatic enrollments and staff notifications
  • Handles registrations with deposits and subsequent payments
  • Coupons for discounts or cash/check payments
  • Small groups created based on selections
  • Supports special fees for staff and others
  • One-click registrations and easy automatic-login registrations
  • Special links for RSVPs
  • Customizable email confirmations
  • Reminder notices
  • Customizable branding for your church, ministry, or event
  • Register from your website or emailed links
  • Post registration hooks for custom actions via script
Touchscreen Check-In for both iPad and PC

Touchscreen Check-In for both iPad and PC

Do you want to make check-in quick and easy for the whole family? The whole family can check-in at the same time for classes, nursery, volunteer assignments, and other events. Guests are welcomed with a great experience using Touchpoint Check-in where they can enter their children’s information, choose their class, and know that their child will be well taken care of.

Benefits of Check-In:
  • Security labels with unique codes
  • 30 seconds to check in and print labels for a family of four
  • Real-time attendance recording in your database
  • Enables same-day visitation for your guests
  • Complete and accurate guest information (no more hand-written cards)
  • Capture allergy and special needs information
  • Special Mode to manage building access for recreation centers
Contribution and Pledge Management

Contribution and Pledge Management

TouchPoint makes it easy to manage all of your contribution needs including tax-deductible gifts, gifts-in-kind, stock gifts, foundation gifts, and pledges. Mission trip participants and leaders can use our online, peer-to-peer fundraising features to raise support and track contributions.  

Contributions can be entered manually or by scanning checks with software provided from your bank. Contribution records are created automatically when individuals give online with one-time or recurring donations. They may also log in and view or print their own contribution statements.

View more Financial features:
  • Fast data entry for contributions - manual or using check scanning
  • Online giving, both one-time and recurring, recorded immediately to the giver’s record
  • TouchPoint also provides you with all the necessary summary data in a concise report to make it easy to enter a few journal entries, weekly or monthly, into the general ledger program you use, like Quickbooks
  • Management screens for online giving and recurring giving
  • Easy processing of contribution statements that track pledges and balances as well as gifts-in-kind
  • Process contribution statements for an individual or as a batch for the entire church
  • Individuals have access to their own giving history and statements
  • Tools to track giving history and habits and monitor pledge gifts within TouchPoint
  • Export giving history for further analysis
  • Built-in advanced reporting tool enables you to identify first-time givers, top givers, giving variances, etc.
  • Contribution records are automatically created for mission trip support
  • Because we handle all of the detailed contribution history on your individuals, you won’t need to maintain a separate database of your donors
  • Reconcile bank statements and departmental revenue from online registrations
Search Builder - Powerful…yet Easy to Use

Search Builder - Powerful…yet Easy to Use

What good is collecting data if you can’t use it for ministry? How can you focus your ministry on a specific group of people if you are not able to find them? With Search Builder’s 250+ selection criteria, you can build any search you desire.

Want to find everyone in your database who is a female between the ages of 20-35 and has attended a life group in the past 3 years? No problem! And what if you want to find just those in that group who are single and have children less than 12 years old? And who in that group live in the city limits? You can do this and so much more!

Search Builder is designed for all users, not just an Admin or guru. It allows you to build your searches incrementally, narrowing your results at each step, confident that you are finding just the right people you are trying to focus on in any area of your ministry.

Searches related to attendance and involvement:
  • Active attenders (you specify the criteria)
  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-time attenders
  • Attended more than 80% (any number) to a life group (or any group/division)
  • Previous attenders who have not attended in the past 8 (any number) weeks
  • Members involved in discipleship
  • Teachers, leaders, committee chairmen, deacons, or elders
  • Members of a specific organization, but not another one
  • Previous members or attendees (past number of days or date range)
Searches related to giving:
  • 1st-time givers
  • Top 50 (any number) contributors
  • Online givers - recurring or one-time
  • Donors to a particular fund
  • Soon to expire credit cards
  • Current giving has dropped by more than a specific % over a period of time
  • Opted in for electronic statements 
  • Couples who give jointly
  • Envelope recipients
What can you do with the results:
  • Send emails - to individuals, parents, or children with the parents cc’d
  • Run a variety of reports and exports, both standard and custom
  • Send texts
  • Create Tasks
  • Add people to organizations
  • Run batch processes to update attributes on people records
  • Use for automated emails
  • Create Status Flags that are updated nightly
  • Create Extra Values
Communicate with Customizable HTML Emails or SMS Text

Communicate with Customizable HTML Emails or SMS Text

TouchPoint is a cost-effective tool for sending custom, HTML emails to your members, regular attenders, and visitors. You choose your target audience for your communication, large or small, specific or general. Then you send them your message.

Need the ability to text to a group? TouchPoint integrates with Twilio to provide texting to groups of any size.

Benefits of Emailing and Texting in TouchPoint:
  • Find just the right target audience, using Search Builder, and email directly from the results page
  • Build your own custom templates to brand your various ministries and/or events
  • Emailing directly from your database ensures you are not using an out-dated list of email addresses
  • Saving drafts lets you work on the email over time before sending it
  • Sharing drafts allow for collaboration with other staff
  • All kinds of email replacement codes, including those for personal details, unsubscribe, open tracking and link tracking
  • Personalize and customize your content for each individual who receives your email
  • Send special links to make online registrations quick and easy (no need to login, because the email and special link knows who your recipient is)
  • Embed images, link to videos, upload documents
  • Send texts from your database to small groups (for reminders) or to everyone who has opted-in in case of large-scale notifications - lots of flexibility
  • Management pages for both emails and texts
  • See what communication each person in your database has received
Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management

Sometimes you don’t have the volunteers you need because you don’t know who to ask. What if you could track their interests, history, and communicate easily with one or all volunteers about opportunities to serve? Tap into the greatest asset a church has—its people. Schedule and communicate with all of your volunteers or a select group of volunteers. Take the burden off the volunteer coordinator and allow the volunteers to request a substitute when they are not able to meet their commitment.

Volunteer Management Calendar:
  • Allow volunteers to register for and manage their own assignments
  • Request substitutes from other volunteers directly online with automatic tracking and swapping for the first person to accept the request
  • Volunteer Coordinator has a user-friendly visual of volunteers and assignments in a calendar format
  • Simple for the coordinator to make initial assignments or make revisions
  • Send email reminders to volunteers with upcoming assignments
  • Use check-in to record attendance for both volunteer or substitute
Track Ministry Related Tasks and Contacts

Track Ministry Related Tasks and Contacts

Getting new members assimilated into your church is critical to your church’s growth and ministry. TouchPoint can enhance your process. TouchPoint enables staff to track their ministry touches, schedule future followups, and coordinate effective ministry engagements for other ministers. Using TouchPoint to record the results of contacts keeps all of your ministers, both lay and staff, in the loop for ministry opportunities. Record keeping matters. 

More about Tasks and Contacts:
  • Lay leaders and staff can easily record the results of any contact
  • While recording the results of your contact, while it's still fresh, you can create a followup task for a future contact
  • See what tasks are outstanding and all contacts that have been made by or to someone on individual people records
  • Management page for contacts, with filtering and exports
  • Conditions in Search Builder to find those needing a contact or those with uncompleted tasks
  • Tasks and Contacts can be created for an entire group right from the Search Builder results page
  • Thank your ministry volunteers who have been making contacts with special search abilities
Reports, Directories, Exports and the Blue Toolbar

Reports, Directories, Exports and the Blue Toolbar

Touchpoint provides standard financial, attendance, and organizational reports as well as church directories and small group directories. All reporting and exports are done with what we call the Blue Toolbar. All communicating, reporting, and updating is done with two steps:  1) select your people, 2) do something with them.  The Blue Toolbar is your go-to place for that second step.

There are church-wide summary reports available on the main menu including Vital Stats, Week at a Glance, Decision Summary and more.

View more Reports features:
  • Report pages which allow links to drill-down to detail
  • In-reach / Outreach reports
  • Contact reports
  • Attendance summaries
  • Multiple types of directories, with and without individual pictures or family pictures
  • Standard Excel exports
  • Custom Excel exports with user specified columns
  • Customizable Week at a Glance and Vital Stats reports
  • Custom pie-chart and timeline graphs
  • Mailing labels (continuous roll and Avery)
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