TouchPoint Pricing

Use our Pricing Estimator to quickly see the costs for your ministry. When you click Request Quote, an automated email will be sent with the pricing, so please enter a correct email address. For more in-depth information see the Learn more section below.

Hosting & support

Annual investment
# Active Records Annual Plan Monthly Plan
0 – 25,000 $2 per
active record
per year
$2.40 per
active record
per year
25,000 + $1 each
additional active record
$1.20 each
additional active record
Minimum Amount $600 per year $720 per year

Mobile app

Custom Branded App $2,500 for up to 2500 active records $2,400
*$1 per active record (per year) beyond 2500


Self Paced Training (Videos) FREE
Help Articles  FREE
Support  Unlimited, FREE
Personalized Webinar Training (Hourly)  $150
Onsite Training
Onsite training tailored to your specific needs
Contact us
for quote


See LEARN MORE section above for details on Conversions
QuickStart People Import $250
Data Conversion “Lite” $1,000
Standard Data Conversion $4,500

Learn more

Active Records Defined

Active Records are determined dynamically from your database and are a measure of your ministry. These are the number of people who in the last 12 months have either:

  1. Two or more attendance records, OR
  2. One or more contribution records

We do not charge for one-time visitors, so we only consider an individual active if they have two or more attendance records or one or more contribution records.

Is number of active records the same as average weekly attendance?

No. Active Records are intended to measure the scope of your ministry. Since ministry reaches out beyond your average weekly attendance, your average weekly attendance would be smaller than the number of individuals who attend or give during a year. We can easily compute this figure if you track attendance and contributions.

How Does Pricing Work?

Active Records are determined dynamically from your database once you are using TouchPoint. Since you may not have any Active Records when you first go-live with TouchPoint, we base your first year on what you estimate your active records will be.

How do you estimate your active records to get started?

If you have the ability in your current system to determine individual contributors and individual attendees, you can use that information as a starting point. If not, begin with your average weekly attendance and estimate what you think the outreach of your ministry is. We know this is a subjective number and we are fine with that. We have seen this number be as much as double or even triple the average weekly attendance, but your church may be much closer to your average weekly attendance. We will base your first year fee on whatever number you provide us.

For the second year and all subsequent years, we will use the Active Record count from your database. Your administrator has access to see your current Active Record count at any time.

Included in your base fee

  • Unlimited number of inactive records (never delete a record)
  • Unlimited user accounts (all your lay leaders)
  • Email support (we answer you fast)
  • First hour training free (get started quickly)
  • Hosting on servers (no hassles)
  • Nightly off-site backups (no loss of data)
  • Free software and database updates (always up to date)
  • Unlimited HTML e-mails (keep everyone informed)
  • Free Mobile App

Data Conversion

TouchPoint offers the following options for getting your current data into your TouchPoint database:

  1. Manual Entry – You can manually enter each person’s information into the system. If you want to include history from your current system, you will manually enter it as well.
  2. QuickStart People Import – This is a predefined spreadsheet that you can fill out and we will upload it for you. You can add extra fields for the people records but history is not included. If you want to include history, you will manually enter it in TouchPoint once your spreadsheet has been uploaded.
  3. Lite Data Conversion – The Lite conversion is available from many existing church management systems.  Please contact us to determine if the lite conversion is a good fit for your church’s needs.
  4. Standard Conversion – We can do a standard conversion from many existing church management systems. This information contains the people records, attendance history, and the contribution history.
    Although these are considered standard conversions, there is always some back and forth between TouchPoint and the customer. This is due to the fact that individual churches use their systems differently, even if they are on the same system. Not every church uses the same field for the same purpose. Therefore, we generally do an initial conversion and allow you to look through the data and confirm that all of the information is in the location you expect it to be. We then make the appropriate changes and walk through the process again.
  5. Custom Conversion – We give you a quote after we have seen your data and understand your specific conversion needs.

Training & Support

Our training is customized to your individual needs. TouchPoint provides videos and documentation online at no cost. We offer personalized webinar training by the hour. This is church specific training with as many staff/lay people as you want to have at one time. If you desire on site training, we can make arrangements for that as well.

Custom Development

All custom development will be contributed back to the Open Source Project for the benefit of other churches.

$175 per hour.