Put More Money Back in Your Ministry

Your time, energy, and finances should prioritize church needs. Our pricing guarantees it.


No Hidden Fees, Truly

No mark ups on transaction fees. No-cost event registrations. Free emails. Rock-bottom text message pricing. No charges for integrations.

Your annual subscription price is based on one factor alone: the count of active records in your file.

Forget about deleting inactive records just to lower your subscription cost. You never know when someone might rejoin your church, and returning congregants are best served by ministries with historical data — we get that. Software shouldn’t stand in the way of important relationships.


Base subscription fee

Everyone Else

Base subscription fee

+ Payment processor fees (and mark up)

+ Giving platform fee

+ Integration fee

+ Email and SMS fees

It adds up.


What’s Included

  • Unlimited number of records
    Never delete a record. We only charge for those that are active.
  • Endless user accounts
    Create user accounts for laity and lay leaders alike.
  • Liberated communications
    Send an unlimited number of mobile-optimized, HTML emails at no cost.
  • Customer support at the ready
    Need to troubleshoot? Fire an email off to our team; expect a rapid response.
  • Hit the ground running
    Get started quickly with 6 hours of free video training.
  • Set it and forget it
    Automated nightly off-site backups mean no data loss.
  • Hassle-free hosting
    Tell your IT staff to say goodbye to server racks. We host your data on Azure servers.
  • Peace of mind secured
    Our cybersecurity assures your data remains private and secure.
  • Always innovating
    Stay ahead of the tech curve with regular platform and server updates free of charge. New features are added frequently, with our community of partner churches contributing to the codebase as well.
  • Custom mobile app
    No need to find yet another service to integrate with. As long as you meet our minimum annual subscription counts, a bespoke mobile app comes with your TouchPoint subscription. Fees apply to accounts that fall below the minimum. Ask for details.


Our Pricing

Active record count x $3 = Your annual subscription rate

Use the calculator for an estimate of your annual subscription fee.

Estimated Annual Costs$


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define “active record”?

An user who’s met any of the criteria below in the last 12 months is considered an active record.

  1. Has contributed at least once
  2. Has attended at least twice
  3. Has logged into the system or app three times

How do I find my existing active record count?

We’ll work with you in the discovery process to determine the most accurate number for your church.

What if we don’t track attendance?

Totally A-OK. We’ll work with you to come to a mutually agreed upon figure based on the average attendance at your church.

Why is your pricing based on the number of active records?

Records help your church be of best service to its congregants. You shouldn’t have to purge records just to keep operational costs low, and you shouldn’t be charged extra or frivolous fees. That’s why we base pricing just on the records that are active: so you can stay focused on what matters.

Want to find out more?


Additional Services

You’ve got options

Don’t let the headache of importing data from your existing system stop you from accessing an all-in-one platform that solves the problems that plague you daily.

At TouchPoint, we understand that every ministry is unique. While yours and the church down the street may use the same ChMS, each of you enters standard data, such as attendance and giving histories, differently.

That’s why we offer three types of data conversion based on your unique needs and budget. Our solutions expert will work with you to determine which works best for you so you can move forward with confidence.

We understand that having the most accurate pricing for your planning process is vital. Fill out a quick form and one of our ministry experts will put together a full proposal with lots of helpful resources.

Set your team up for success

Ensure your team has the training it needs to maximize TouchPoint to the fullest, and schedule hour-long private sessions between your team and one of our trainers.

Sessions can be conducted online via Zoom or in person. Digital sessions are recorded and the recording sent to you and your team the same day. In-person sessions are held in a classroom-style setting. All sessions are conducted using our training database — your data will never be used or shared.

We also offer free, 30-minute courses.

Beyond basics to best practices

You have the building blocks solidly in place but want to improve results, be they in your marketing, communications, fundraising, or other area of interest. We can help you meet those goals by advising you on the tactics and strategies that can be implemented through TouchPoint’s robust features and functions. Let the platform drive your mission and vision.

We understand that having the most accurate pricing for your planning process is vital. Fill out a quick form and one of our ministry experts will put together a full proposal with lots of helpful resources.

Have it your way

Is there a feature you could really use but don’t see in TouchPoint? Think a tweak or two could improve its functionality? Download our open source project and submit your ideas or custom development request.

We follow an agile development process, so we publish continuous updates. You won’t have to wait months for the next release or install updates; we take care of everything for you.

See Disciples. Not Data.

It’s time to see ministry management differently. Equip your leaders to reach a more engaged congregation.