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Know at a glance the status of any member or guest

People are the most important part of ministry. TouchPoint serves as a single database for managing your entire ministry. Maintain individual people records grouped by family and linked to related families.

Ministry information is right at your fingertips.

Allow your members to keep their own information up to date and let them view their own contribution statements whenever they want. We call this a MyData account.
Peer Networking
Group Involvement
General Attendance
Contact History

Easily share membership information amongst staff

  • Upload application and membership documents to a person’s record.
  • Record private notes using extra values visible only to users in a specified role
  • Record custom Connection Card selections tailored to your church

Streamline Process

  • Complete church membership tracking
  • Automated and customizable membership process available

Members update their own information

Keep your data clean and accurate! Members can quickly edit their personal information and upload pictures from a desktop or mobile device. Registration for online events is easy for the whole family, and contribution statements can be accessed online.


Mobile App

Customizable media & announcements

Create sliding banners to announce important news to your congregation. Pull in media audio/video feeds from wherever they are hosted (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Apple podcasts, etc.).

Match the brand of your church

Our team can style your app to match your church’s branding.

Ditch the desk and do more ministry

The only church app that lets you manage and communicate with your congregation in a unified, compelling experience.

Equip your leaders and inspire your congregation

Give your staff and lay leaders powerful ministry tools. Engage your congregation with timely & relevant content.

Drag and Drop the content you want to appear front and center

Upload images, create playlists with Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud files, and send messages like verses of the day and event announcements.

Marketing calendar made easy

Schedule content you want to post on the app (from verses of the day to event announcements) in advance by specific date, enabling your team to plan ahead.

Group Management

Organize and keep track of groups

Involvement in organizations is a critical measure for your church. Attendance is recorded in meetings which are associated with an organization and can be created on the fly or with a schedule.

Know who needs follow-up

Take individual attendance and keep up with who is connected and who is not.

average increase in member
engagement when you
track group involvement

Send important, relevant messages to sub-groups

TouchPoint is a cost-effective tool for sending custom emails to your members, regular attenders, and visitors. You choose your target audience for your communication, large or small, specific or general. Then you send them your message. Need the ability to text to a group? TouchPoint integrates with Twilio to provide texting to groups of any size.

Track group membership and interaction

  • Track current members of an organization, previous members, guests, prospects, pending and inactive members
  • Track complete enrollment history for every organization’s members or previous members
  • Easily transfer members from one organization to another
  • Yearly promotion feature for classes
  • Build and publish an interactive Small Group Finder with organizations
  • Give Lay Leaders privileged access with an account designed to limit their access to just the organizations they lead so they can minister effectively to their flock and guests
Peer Networking
Group Involvement
General Attendance
Contact History
Website check in shown on a computer

Check in the whole family

 The whole family can check-in at the same time for classes, nursery, volunteer assignments, and other events. Guests are welcomed with a great experience using Touchpoint Check-in where they can enter their children’s information, choose their class, and know that their child will be well taken care of. Geofenced check-in coming in 2019!

Secure check-in process

  • Security labels with unique codes
  • 30 seconds to check in and print labels for a family of four
  • Real-time attendance recording in your database
  • Enables same-day visitation for your guests
  • Complete and accurate guest information (no more hand-written cards)
  • Capture allergy and special needs information
  • Special Mode to manage building access for recreation centers

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Calendar Management

  • Allow volunteers to register for and manage own their assignments
  • Request substitutes from other volunteers directly online with automatic tracking and swapping for the first person to accept the request
  • Volunteer Coordinator has a user-friendly visual of volunteers and assignments in a calendar format
  • Simple for the coordinator to make initial assignments or make revisions
  • Use check-in to record attendance for both volunteer or substitute

Tap into your church’s greatest asset – its people

  • Send email reminders to volunteers with upcoming assignments
  • Schedule and communicate with all of your volunteers or a select group of volunteers.
  • Take the burden off the volunteer coordinator and allow the volunteers to request a substitute when they are not able to meet their commitment.

Ministry Analytics

See stories in your data

Never miss a beat and know where you stand – through data. With our detailed data dashboards and vital signs, Touchpoint gives you a constant understanding of financial,  attendance, and organizational reports as well as church directories and small group directories.

Always one-click away

TouchPoint makes it easy to access your data through one-click dashboards.  Church-wide summary reports are available on the main menu including Vital Stats, Week at a Glance, Decision Summary and more.

Report on what you need to know, the way you like to see it

  • Report pages which allow links to drill-down to detail
  • In-reach / Outreach reports
  • Contact reports
  • Attendance summaries
  • Multiple types of directories, with and without individual pictures or family pictures
  • Standard Excel exports
  • Custom Excel exports with user specified columns
  • Customizable Week at a Glance and Vital Stats reports
  • Mailing labels (continuous roll and Avery)

See Disciples. Not Data.

It’s time to see ministry management differently. Equip your leaders to reach a more engaged congregation.

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