2009 Year Founded 79 Team Members With Ministry Experience
Empowering & Innovating

Church Technology for a Greater Kingdom Impact

Founded at Bellevue in Memphis TN, TouchPoint proudly offers solutions for all denominations. We are honored to serve so many partner churches across the U.S. As we’ve grown, our partner churches have helped TouchPoint create industry-leading

technology to help connect people to the church. We are based in Dallas TX, and we have team members all around the country. We love our partner churches and creating technology to further their mission.


Our Leadership Team

Adam oversees TouchPoint’s software development and application infrastructure. His hobbies include home automation, electronics repairs, and 3D printing, which he balances with teaching Judo and playing soccer. He lives in Baton Rouge with his wife and son, with whom he leads his church’s online streaming ministry.

Adam Ashe

Head of Software Development

Chris oversees product and strategy initiatives and is passionate about leveraging technology to increase efficiencies, foster collaboration, strengthen communication, and drive engagement. When he is not working, he is likely getting involved in some kind of handyman project or learning new random facts about NYC where he, his wife and son call home.

Chris Dolan

Head of Product & Strategy

Michael leads the Solutions Team at TouchPoint and is the co-host of the monthly “What’s the Point?” webinars. He’s a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, a blessed husband and dad, a frustrated Texas A&M football fan, a boomerang piano student, and a movie junkie who speaks fluent Princess Bride. Michael and his wife live in Grapevine, TX with their three boys.

Michael Faulkner

Head of Solutions

Ross oversees the strategy and direction of TouchPoint. He loves surfing, snow skiing, climbing mountains, travelling, and playing music. He’s a seventh generation Texan and lives in Dallas with his wife. They have three kids and have been involved in the marriage ministry at Watermark, their church home, for over twenty years.

Ross Miller


Morgan has been married to Kira for 20 years and is a father of two. After working for Wallstreet firms for over 17 years, he founded Gyve to help serve his local church. He coaches on generosity with a focus on first-time givers and enjoys helping the church take its next steps in generosity. He is active in his home church 2/42 Community in Brighton, MI and enjoys hunting and woodworking.

Morgan Mudge

Vice President

Andrew serves our church partners as the Director of Consulting. He loves Kansas City Chiefs football and all things Baylor sports related. Andrew lives in Memphis with his wife and 2 kids.

Andrew Triplett

Head of Consulting

Hayley is responsible for TouchPoint’s Marketing initiatives. She is passionate about Alabama football and chocolate cream-filled donuts. She lives near Memphis with her husband, two toddler boys, and infant daughter; they attend Hickory Withe First Baptist Church.

Hayley Whitworth

Head of Marketing

Will oversees TouchPoint’s Client Success team. He roots for Tennessee football (Titans and Volunteers!) and loves just anything to do with technology. He lives in Arlington, TN with his wife, two boys, and daughter and attends Hickory Withe First Baptist Church.

Will Whitworth

Head of Client Success

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