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An Up-To-The-Minute Who’s Who

With TouchPoint, the status of any visitor or member is available at just one glance — the volunteer whose mother is ill, the neighbor who’s considering joining your church — so you know just how to minister to your congregants.

Acting as a single database, the platform allows laity to update their information while permitting lay leaders and staff to maintain individual records that can then be grouped by family and linked to other relatives.

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An Entry Point for Clergy and Laity Alike

No matter if you’re a pastor, support staff, or church member, you can log in to TouchPoint and enter or change information based on your user status.

Peer Networking
Group Involvement
General Attendance
Contact History
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Breaking Barriers

With congregants, staff, and pastors all acting within a single ecosystem that updates in real time, data automatically syncs, so your ministry can work with the same data and metrics can align with goals.



Groups, Events, Mailing Lists, Oh My!

Forget maintaining a separate event management or email tool. Everything you need to energize your church is available in TouchPoint. Whether it’s establishing a group, promoting an event, or building a registration form, our platform has the functionality you need to encourage (and maintain) member engagement.

22 %

average increase in member
engagement when you
track group involvement

Preserve Your Church’s Greatest Asset: Its Volunteers

We recognize church volunteers for what they are: your champions. They deserve a platform that makes meeting your mission as painless as possible. With TouchPoint, they can easily register for, swap, and manage assignments, as well as track commitments in a calendar format. Through the platform, coordinators can also send email reminders to volunteers.

Preserve your church’s greatest asset: its volunteers
Raise awareness (and funds) for mission trips

Raise Awareness (And Funds) for Mission Trips

Disciples committed to mission trips want to share their excitement and raise money for a cause they believe in. With TouchPoint, you’ll provide a tool that supports their goals.

Each participant receives a unique donation page, enabling friends and family to send support. User-friendly on both the front and back end, the TouchPoint interface means viewers can easily find and promote their mission trips via email and social media. Donations post in real-time, keeping supporters motivated to reach (and exceed) their financial goals.

Empower lay leaders

Empower Lay Leaders

Group members can filter and find the groups most convenient to their location, schedule, or life stage in seconds.

Leaders can also send reminder emails about meetings and take attendance digitally when they happen.

Plus, you can distribute study guides, videos, leader guides, and more to just those who need to access them. Content is hosted and available to leaders and participants.



A Dashboard That Works for You

Every team has different needs, and now they can have a dashboard that reflects their priorities. Our platform allows certain user roles to customize their dashboards, keeping what’s important front and center, whether that’s attendance records, small group directories, financial data, or more.

A dashboard that works for you

Your Story in Numbers

Share hard data — attendance summaries, giving totals — and display it in a way that best tells your story. With TouchPoint, you can distribute reports with links to detailed information, produce Excel exports (standard or customized), and generate mailing labels as easily as contact reports.

Find What You Want When You Need It

All too often data is siloed or buried, so you’re forced to act without seeing the full picture.

Not with TouchPoint. Any information within the database can be made into a report, and powerful search capacities give you access to all the data you need to make informed decisions and craft winning strategies.

Find what you want when you need it



Fund Your Mission with Customizable Giving Pages

When it comes to online giving, TouchPoint wants to give you as many options as possible. Ensure a consistent brand experience by wrapping giving pages in your colors, images, and logo. Online giving is fully featured, flexible, and customizable — at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited number of giving pages
  • Customize what funds people see
  • Support multiple payment types
  • Multiple recurring giving schedules
  • Notes by fund, end date by fund
  • Option for donor to covers transaction fees
Fund your mission with customizable giving pages.
 Easily give on-the-go

Easily Give On-The-Go

Regardless of which device your donors use, we’ve designed an optimal experience on any device. Mobile giving can now be completed in under 10 seconds. Congregants can review their giving history, pledges, and statements in the app just like they do for their bank or credit union accounts. 

Say Goodbye to Paper Statements

Congregants can review their giving history, pledges, and statements in the app just like they do when conducting mobile banking. 

Say goodbye to paper statements
Cut your fees in half

Cut Your Fees in Half

Unlike other systems, TouchPoint doesn’t mark up processing fees or accept financial incentives from giving partners. We integrate with many stand-alone giving platforms and payment gateways, including one that offers the lowest possible transaction fees for churches. Contact us to learn how you can cut your online giving fees significantly.

$ Base Subscription Fee

$ Marked Up Payment Processor Fee

$ Other Hidden Fees



Any Device, Any Time

Our digital selves have wanderlust. We move from cell phone to desktop to tablet then pivot back to desktop and then tablet after that. Ensure a consistent look and feel between devices with a mobile-first email tool like TouchPoint.

Any device, any time
Seamless registrations and sign-ups

Seamless Registrations and Sign-Ups

Reduce obstacles to getting people connected. Send authenticated links, SMS reply words, or deeplinking to empower your congregants to register quickly and without having to remember login credentials. 

Send The Right Message to The Right People

Build the exact audience you want to reach and take personalization to a new level. Segmentation and personalization studies have repeatedly shown higher rates of engagement. Guarantee your congregants feel seen and heard with messages tailored to their interests, involvement, and demographic.

“Good communications = sending the right message to the right person at the right time.”


Facilitate Conversations and More

Take a page from the business world and send text messages as an organization. Simply create an account through Twilio’s nonprofit arm and send messages for a fraction of the cost that other services charge — literally. Our fee equals less than a penny for each message sent. 

Powerful features include:

  • Reply words
  • Deeplinking
  • Special links
  • Personalization codes
  • Email notifications for staff


Reach Your Congregation Where They Are

Young or old, we now rely on smartphones for many aspects of our lives. Worshipping is no different; churches must have a mobile presence to remain in lockstep with disciples.

We realized that early on and introduced the premier mobile-first ChMS on the market.

The result? A mobile app you can customize with the look and feel of your church, with added features like on-the-go giving, deeplinking, and two-way SMS.

Take a deeper dive into this feature-rich option and be there for your congregants anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile-responsive ChMS
  • Fully integrated mobile app
  • App is custom branded to your church
  • Powerful tools for congregants, lay leaders, and staff
  • Seamless, mobile-first online giving
  • Users empowered to manage their own profile
  • Schedule-able content
  • Personalized notifications
  • and more!

More Features

  • Check-in

  • Admin Tools

  • Ticketing

  • Tasks & Notes

  • Resources

  • and more!

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