As part of our commitment to supporting our partner churches in their missions, we are excited to remind you that your TouchPoint Software includes the option to further enhance your church’s engagement through a customizable mobile app. Our consulting team is here to help you get this process started on the right foot!

1. Customize to Reflect Your Church’s Identity: We understand the importance of a consistent brand image. Our app allows you to customize its appearance to align with your church’s branding. Use your specific colors and logos, and let us help you set up an interface that feels like a natural extension of your church. 

2. Tailored Content for Your Mission: With our mobile app, you can deliver personalized content that resonates deeply with your churchgoers. From sermon series and podcasts to events and other resources, make it easy for your congregants to access and engage with your content anytime, anywhere. 

3. Promote Important Ministries and Events: Keep your community informed and engaged by highlighting upcoming events and key ministries directly through the app. It serves as a central hub for all your important activities, ensuring your churchgoers never miss out on what’s happening in your church community. 

4. Encourage Connectivity Through Prayer: With a prayer feed, your church family can submit their prayer needs and pray for others directly through the app.

5. Keep Up with Ministry Outreach: The native mobile app syncs seamlessly with your TouchPoint database, allowing your team to create and update ministry assignments while they’re having coffee with a newcomer, visiting a sick member, or chatting with a family after service.

6. Seemless Mobile Giving: Enhance the giving experience for your congregants with TouchPoint Giving integrated directly into your church app. This feature simplifies the donation process, making it more convenient for churchgoers to support your mission financially. It’s a secure, quick, and easy way for members to contribute anytime, enhancing your church’s stewardship efforts.

We are Here to Support

Whether you’re undergoing a rebrand or just looking to refresh your content, our friendly consulting team is here to support you every step of the way. We make it easy to launch or update your app, ensuring it always meets the evolving needs of your church and its members. 

Ready to enhance your church app or integrate these features into your church management system? Click the button below to connect with our friendly consulting team. We’re here to support you in launching or updating your app and help your church maintain a vibrant and engaging community. Start now and see the difference it makes! 

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The next release is scheduled to be deployed Wednesday night, May 15. This includes new features and updates to existing features.

We are excited to announce that the first round of beta churches are live on the new Registration Form feature and in the process of testing it now. 95% of the changes in that release are not yet visible to everyone else, but there are a few changes you might have noticed due to this recent update. Those include:

We will release more information about the new Registration Forms as we get closer to the full release to all partner churches.

At TouchPoint Software, we desire to foster meaningful connections within church communities through advanced technology solutions. Our focus is on creating tools that not only manage church operations effectively but also strengthen the bonds within your church family. 

Enhance Engagement with TouchPoint Giving 

A key feature of our church management system is TouchPoint Giving, designed to equip church staff and lay leaders with meaningful information. With features that allow church leaders to see donation trends and identify decreases in giving, TouchPoint Giving is essential for identifying if churchgoers are beginning to disengage. Changes in giving are oftentimes an indicator of underlying challenges. We have created tools to identify when important conversations are needed.

Preventing Disengagement 

Our system ensures that no member of your community falls through the cracks. The Decreased Giving report is specific for our church partners using TouchPoint Giving and allows you to identify those whose donations have decreased within a specified period of time. Leaders can quickly identify members who might be facing challenges. These people may need support the most from their church family.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms 

As highlighted in our recent webinar, our system provides seamless updates across your church database, website, and mobile app. This integration ensures that all parts of your church’s digital presence are synchronized, enhancing the overall user experience and giving a detailed picture of community and individual engagement. 

Join Us in Our Mission 

We are committed to partnering in your church’s mission by providing tools that encourage meaningful interactions and aid in spiritual and community growth for God’s Kingdom.  

Next Steps 

Not sure where to start on setting up and measuring engagement? Our consultants can help. Contact someone from our amazing team to kickstart engagement monitoring. 

In today’s digital age, church management has transcended traditional boundaries, evolving into a sophisticated discipline that demands both efficiency and technological integration. TouchPoint Software stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering an advanced church management system (ChMS) that not only enhances operational efficiency but also deepens engagement within church communities.

Secure Giving Solution

TouchPoint Software distinguishes itself by offering native giving technology. This ensures uninterrupted donations, mirroring the reliability you expect from your banking transactions.

Never Miss A Recurring Gift Again

Whether due to card expiration, loss, or theft, TouchPoint’s automatic credit card updater feature seamlessly maintains current payment methods, safeguarding against any disruptions in giving.

What Does This Mean?

TouchPoint Software simplifies the donation process, significantly reducing friction and increasing the likelihood of successful transactions. On average, there are 3-5% of cards per month that need attention. This is crucial for maintaining stable and consistent donations, which are the backbone of any church’s operations and community initiatives. With TouchPoint, your church can focus more on its mission and less on administrative hassles.

Additional Benefits of TouchPoint Giving

But TouchPoint’s benefits don’t end with financial transactions. The system also allows churchgoers to review their giving history, pledges, and statements directly through the app, empowering them with transparency and control over their contributions.

Join the growing number of partner churches that are already experiencing the benefits of the most advanced ChMS available. Schedule a demo today at TouchPoint Software and discover how we can elevate your church’s management and donation processes to new heights.

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