Managing attendance effectively is crucial for any church that values engagement and participation. At TouchPoint Software, we understand the importance of keeping a close eye on your attendance metrics. That’s why we’re excited to highlight a tool that transforms how you view attendance data—the Week at a Glance Report. 

What is the Week at a Glance Report? 

The Week at a Glance Report is an essential feature available under the Admin > Reports menu, specifically designed to streamline the process of analyzing attendance across all your ministries. This report is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for evaluating attendance across specified Divisions. The report is even able to pull from numerous attendance methods at once.

Why Use the Week at a Glance Report? 

Here’s why the Week at a Glance Report is a game-changer for your church: 

Centralized Data: Consolidate attendance information from various events and programs into one unified report. This allows for a clear, concise view of your who’s attending what, helping you make informed decisions quickly. 

Completely Customizable The report is configured using the Programs and Divisions pages under the Admin menu. The best part: you decide what to report on! Whether it’s Preschool, Children’s, and Adults Ministries; first, second, and third service; or comparing campuses – you specify the Divisions and the times. You can tailor the report to meet the specific needs of your church, ensuring that you are always in control of the data displayed.

Advanced Features and Capabilities: Packed with a multitude of features, the Week at a Glance Report is versatile and powerful. To fully leverage these capabilities, we recommend reading our detailed help article, “Configure the Week At A Glance Report.” This guide will walk you through every step, ensuring you maximize the potential of this tool. Don’t have time? We can help!

Need Assistance? 

Setting up and customizing reports can sometimes be daunting. That’s why our expert Consulting team is ready to assist you. By purchasing two hours of consulting, you can have one of our friendly, dedicated team members configure the Week at a Glance Report tailored specifically for your needs. Click here to get started

Enhancing Communication with Custom Backgrounds

Immediate Updates: The ability to swiftly communicate new events or last-minute changes is crucial for any active church community. Customized Check-In backgrounds serve as a direct communication channel, ensuring that everyone from parents to volunteers is immediately aware of any updates as they check in.

Engagement and Visibility: Custom backgrounds can highlight upcoming events, schedule changes, or important announcements, making sure they catch the eye of your community members. This not only boosts engagement but also ensures that critical information is not missed.

Consistency in Branding: Every background can be tailored to include your church’s branding elements, such as logos and color schemes. This consistency reinforces your church’s identity and makes every piece of communication instantly recognizable.

How It Works

TouchPoint Software makes it easy to implement customized Check-In backgrounds that keep your community informed and engaged:

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to transform how your church communicates during the check-in process? If you’re interested in leveraging custom background templates to distribute information effectively, click here to set up an appointment.

Our commitment at TouchPoint Software is to enhance the operational efficiency and communication clarity of partner churches. Custom Check-In Profile backgrounds are just one of the many tools we provide to support your church’s growth and ensure that every interaction within your community is impactful and informative. Contact us today to see how our solutions can help streamline your church communications.

Our consulting team is ready to support you in getting this started; this requires one hour per background. You can set up an appointment with our friendly and amazing team here.

Replay Our Latest Roundtable Event

We recently wrapped up a fantastic roundtable discussion led by Andrew and Cody from our Consulting team. The event was filled with conversations and invaluable insights for enhancing ministry operations. If you missed out, don’t worry! You can catch up on all the details by accessing the recording here.

Save the Date: Upcoming Roundtable on Tuesday, May 21st at 2 PM CST

Following the success of our previous event, we’re thrilled to invite you to our next roundtable, which will focus on a crucial topic for growth: Engagement Management. Join Andrew and Cody on May 21st at 2 PM CST for a deep dive into how TouchPoint’s Engagement Scores are supporting your ministry.

Event Details:

Topic: Managing Engagement
When: Tuesday, May 21st, 2 PM CST
Registration: Register Here
Seats Available: 40 spots only

Why Should You Attend?

Managing engagement using TouchPoint’s Engagement Scores is more than just about numbers. The scores reflect your church’s health and vibrancy. This roundtable will offer practical strategies for utilizing these scores to boost participation and connection within your community. Hear firsthand from other churches that have seen tangible benefits from focusing on engagement.

Limited Seats – Register Early!

With only 40 spots available, this intimate setting ensures everyone can contribute and gain maximum value. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your ministry. Reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment!

Connect, Learn, and Grow with Us

We are eager to gather again and share actionable insights that can help you strengthen your church community. This roundtable is perfect for anyone eager to learn more about engagement and its impact on church growth.

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We can’t wait to meet you online on May 21st. Let’s explore how high engagement can lead to a thriving church community!