Special Discount for Partner Churches:

We’re excited to pass along some amazing news from our friends at MinistrySafe: through 2024, MinistrySafe is offering TouchPoint churches a unique opportunity to $100 off the first year of your MinistrySafe Membership! This is your chance to combine MinistrySafe’s unparalleled child safety system with the organizational power of TouchPoint Software. Visit MinistrySafe’s TouchPoint page to get started, and use code TouchPoint24 to save.

Who Is MinistrySafe?

MinistrySafe, founded by Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris, is a robust program designed to prevent child sexual abuse in ministries. With over 60 years of legal and safety expertise, MinistrySafe educates and equips your ministry to proactively protect children.

What MinistrySafe Offers:

Don’t miss out on strengthening your ministry’s child protection measures while enjoying significant savings. MinistrySafe and TouchPoint Software together provide a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your community. Join us in setting a new standard for safety in ministries.