Enhancing Communication with Custom Backgrounds

Immediate Updates: The ability to swiftly communicate new events or last-minute changes is crucial for any active church community. Customized Check-In backgrounds serve as a direct communication channel, ensuring that everyone from parents to volunteers is immediately aware of any updates as they check in.

Engagement and Visibility: Custom backgrounds can highlight upcoming events, schedule changes, or important announcements, making sure they catch the eye of your community members. This not only boosts engagement but also ensures that critical information is not missed.

Consistency in Branding: Every background can be tailored to include your church’s branding elements, such as logos and color schemes. This consistency reinforces your church’s identity and makes every piece of communication instantly recognizable.

How It Works

TouchPoint Software makes it easy to implement customized Check-In backgrounds that keep your community informed and engaged:

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Are you ready to transform how your church communicates during the check-in process? If you’re interested in leveraging custom background templates to distribute information effectively, click here to set up an appointment.

Our commitment at TouchPoint Software is to enhance the operational efficiency and communication clarity of partner churches. Custom Check-In Profile backgrounds are just one of the many tools we provide to support your church’s growth and ensure that every interaction within your community is impactful and informative. Contact us today to see how our solutions can help streamline your church communications.

Our consulting team is ready to support you in getting this started; this requires one hour per background. You can set up an appointment with our friendly and amazing team here.

Who cares what your registration pages look like?

Probably your Communications Team. And, if we think about it, your congregation and potential new members do, too. In a digital era where every interaction counts, simply placing your logo on a registration page is just scratching the surface. But why settle for the basics? Your registration pages are more than just a formality; they represent an extension of your church’s hospitality. Let’s delve into crafting registration pages that not only your team but your community can take pride in.

The Significance of Cohesive Design

First impressions are lasting. The moment someone steps onto your registration page, they should feel like it is an extension of your website. A thoughtfully designed page conveys professionalism, care, and meticulousness. It communicates, “We value your experience with us.”

But what exactly does ‘well-designed’ entail in this scenario?

Wrapping Up

Your registration pages are a pivotal element of your church’s digital footprint. “Who cares what your registration pages look like?” The answer should be: we all do. By dedicating just one hour per background, you can elevate your registration pages from functional to fabulous.

Ready to revolutionize your registration pages? Let’s get started.

Embrace the opportunity to create registration pages that resonate with the heart of your church, making both your team and congregation proud.

Birthday Cakes, Paper Airplanes, and Cameras… Oh My! 

Let’s talk about customizing your Check-In labels. We have added new and helpful information to the Check-In labels!

Can you add our logo?
You bet! 
Can you add icons for things like photo releases?
No brainer! 
Can you make the child’s name bigger?
When we’re done, you’ll be able to read Suzy’s name from space—or at least from the other side of the room. 

The TouchPoint Label Builder provides all the flexibility you need to create customized labels that meet your team’s specific needs. 

Elements are super simple to add and include subgroups, parent names, contact info, and allergies. You can even add icons that correspond to Status Flags! 

Good question; calm down. Below, we have a church example. This church added a paper airplane icon to indicate that this child is approved to self-release and a camera icon to indicate that the team has approval to take and use a photo of this kiddo. 

Now your staff and volunteers all know at a glance how to best support little Suzy without needing to go through files, asking another leader, or finding her parents!