As of today, the New Navigation Menu is now the default menu for all users in TouchPoint. We know that change is never easy, but we believe that after using the new layout for a bit, you will find that options are now laid out in a more logical manner. For those of you that did not try it during the beta period, here are a few highlights of the new menu.

If you have any issues with the new navigation, please contact Support and let us know. If you need to temporarily revert back to the old navigation menu, you can do so by clicking the User menu at the top-right and toggling the New Navigation off.

Who cares what your registration pages look like?

Probably your Communications Team. And, if we think about it, your congregation and potential new members do, too. In a digital era where every interaction counts, simply placing your logo on a registration page is just scratching the surface. But why settle for the basics? Your registration pages are more than just a formality; they represent an extension of your church’s hospitality. Let’s delve into crafting registration pages that not only your team but your community can take pride in.

The Significance of Cohesive Design

First impressions are lasting. The moment someone steps onto your registration page, they should feel like it is an extension of your website. A thoughtfully designed page conveys professionalism, care, and meticulousness. It communicates, “We value your experience with us.”

But what exactly does ‘well-designed’ entail in this scenario?

Wrapping Up

Your registration pages are a pivotal element of your church’s digital footprint. “Who cares what your registration pages look like?” The answer should be: we all do. By dedicating just one hour per background, you can elevate your registration pages from functional to fabulous.

Ready to revolutionize your registration pages? Let’s get started.

Embrace the opportunity to create registration pages that resonate with the heart of your church, making both your team and congregation proud.

As we blogged about early last month, we will be flipping the switch next week, so everyone will have the New Navigation Menu as the default. We hope you’ve had a chance to test it out and familiarize yourself with the new, improved layout. If not, we encourage you to go ahead and manually turn it on for yourself now.

We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from those of you who have already been testing out the New Menu, and we will be releasing any necessary tweaks prior to turning it on for everyone. The New Menu will be live when you log in to TouchPoint on Tuesday, April 9. If you have any difficulty navigating the New Menu, you will still have the option to toggle back to the old menu for a period of time.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Support through TouchPoint’s Database.

See all the latest updates and what’s to come by watching last month’s New Features Webinar!

Simplify Your VBS Registration

Ready For VBS Registration? Let TouchPoint Software make it easy. As VBS approaches, it’s crucial to focus on creating a fun and impactful program for the kids. TouchPoin makes registration hassle-free, letting you concentrate on what truly matters. 

VBS Registration Made Easy 

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to easy, customizable registration forms, effective communication, and automated notifications. With TouchPoint, you’re all set for a successful VBS. This allows you to section out kids into the appropriate age groups, view any allergies to foods, and other useful information at a glance.

Before, During, After Registration 

Before: Get ready with customizable forms and analytics. Keep potential attendees informed and engaged from the get-go. 

During: Track sign-ups in real-time, manage attendance seamlessly, and ensure a hassle-free sign-up experience. 

After: Keep the connection alive with follow-up emails and gather valuable feedback for next time. 

We’re Here to Help 

Planning VBS is a big task, and you’ve got enough to handle. We’re more than software; we’re your VBS (and other events) planning partner. Interested in seeing how TouchPoint can simplify your VBS registration? Let’s talk. We offer consulting in two one-hour blocks and additional support through email.  

Registration Support is on its way.

Don’t let registration stress you out. Click here to schedule your session with us. With TouchPoint, you’re ready for an amazing VBS experience. 

Your Summit Team has been working hard to share session details so you can best plan which team members to bring to Alabama this September. We are adding more training opportunities and have information on hotels and pricing!

Thanks to the incredible response so far from Summit registrations and to the feedback from last year’s post-event survey, we are adding a new track! This is exciting news! Brand new for Summit 2024 – Back to Basics: TouchPoint Training.

Please find the breakdown of sessions for each track listed below.
**Please allow grace in this; it’s very likely to change before September! We’re releasing a pre-finalized draft so your team can best plan.

Session Topics By Track

Executive Pastor

– Making TouchPoint Your Own
– XP Panel: TouchPoint Feature That Have Benefitted Our Church The Most
– Ministry Partner Session
– Consulting Audit & Consulting Services
– Reports & Dashboards For Measuring Ministry Impact

Developer / IT

– Infrastructure
– Development QA/Release Process
– Creating Custom Home Pages & Dashboards
– Coding Best Practices
– Using HTML to Enhance Your Registrations (Beginner Level)

Database Administrator

– Building Your First Process: First-Time Visitor & First-Time Giver
– New Feature Show & Tell
– DBA Power User Panel / Show & Tell / Q&A
– New Feature Show & Tell
– Ready, Set, Engage!

Ministry Frontlines

– All Things Check-In
– Creating & Managing Mission Trips
– Background Checks Best Practices
– Maximizing TouchPoint For Lay Leaders
– Registrations Advanced


– TouchPoint As A Marketing Tool
– Creating General Emails & Newsletters
– Texting
– Branding TouchPoint
– Ministry Partner Session


– New Feature Show & Tell
– Customizing & Generating Giving Statements
– TP Giving Finance Reports
– Finance Roundtable: Reconciliation Processes
– Ministry Partner Session

New To TouchPoint

– Converting To TouchPoint
– Encouraging Team Adoption, Training Staff, Rolling Out To Congregation
– Attendance Best Practices
– What Can I Do With My Mobile App?
– Creating Your Membership Process Inside Of TouchPoint

Back To Basics: TouchPoint Training

– Administrative Setup
– Search Builder Basics & Helpful Searches
– Registrations For Beginners
– Tasks & Notes To Advance Your Ministry Outreach
– Using Scheduler To Manage Your Sunday Mornings

Summit Accommodations

Room links are now available for both hotels! Please do not wait to book your team’s rooms! We secured more rooms this year than the prior two, but our blocks reached capacity in both 2023 and 2022!

For more information on accommodations, please visit our Summit Landing Page.

Haven’t Signed Up Yet? It’s Not Too Late To Save!

That’s right — we extended Early Bird savings, so you can save $15/ticket if you register by the end of March!

In today’s digital age, where the first impression is often the last, having a cohesive and well-branded online presence is crucial for any organization. This principle holds especially true for your giving page, a central point of interaction for supporters and donors. If you’re noticing a disconnect between your giving page and the overall branding of your website, it’s time for an “Extreme Makeover: Giving Page Edition.”

The Importance of a Well-Branded Giving Page

A giving page that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your website not only strengthens your brand identity but also builds trust and confidence among potential donors. Think about it: when was the last time you evaluated your giving page? Does it reflect your organization’s ethos and values? Remember, our God is glorified through quality and excellence, and your giving page should be no exception.

Potential Donor Concerns

Mismatched branding on your giving page can create confusion and doubt, making potential donors wonder if they’ve been redirected to a different site. This sense of unease can become a significant barrier to generosity, preventing people from contributing to your cause. It’s essential to ensure that every aspect of your giving page, from visuals to messaging, aligns with your overall branding to encourage and facilitate donations.

Customized Solutions for Every Need

Recognizing the need for flexibility and customization, we offer to create tailored giving pages for various aspects of your organization. Whether you’re looking to have a page designed for a specific ministry, missions fund, or capital campaign, we’ve got you covered. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, branded giving pages that resonate with your audience and amplify your fundraising efforts.

Efficient and Effective Service

Understanding the urgency and importance of having an optimized giving page, we promise a swift turnaround time of just one hour per page. This efficient service ensures that your new, branded giving pages are up and running quickly, minimizing any disruption to your donation process.

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to give your giving page the makeover it deserves? Click here to begin the transformation and elevate your donation experience. Let’s work together to create a giving page that not only looks great but also effectively supports your organization’s mission, glorifying our God through quality and excellence.

Remember, in the realm of online donations, your giving page is more than just a transaction point—it’s a reflection of your commitment to your cause and your supporters. Don’t let an outdated or off-brand giving page hinder your fundraising efforts. Opt for an extreme makeover today and watch as your giving page transforms into a powerful tool that encourages generosity and supports your organization’s goals.